Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, David Harrington


My name is Viento, my main focus is 3d modeling I would like to learn about environments and everything that goes with its design from start to finish and this is an excellent opportunity.


Howdy Jessica, I’m Overton Loyd and have no idea how to register for this course! Do you have a clue?


Hey, my name is Jessica Bédard and I work in cg (matchmover /layout ) at RodeoFX. I would really love to learn from you as i love to draw :smiley:


Hi David,
My name is Stephanie Pouzol, I work as a 2d-3d environnement artist for video games. I enjoy to learn and improve myself, many thanks for this great opportunity.


Hey, my name is Kseniya, I am currently working as art recruiter in gamedev studio, but I always wanted to develop as an artist. I’m really looking forward to this course :heart_eyes:


Hi! I’m Olga from Minsk, Belarus, and I am a Software Engineer, but know I have some time to get along with environment design, in which I was interested in for a long time. :slight_smile:


Hi There! Simon Dalton in Dublin Ireland here. Occasional pro artist, between jobs at the moment, but always looking to learn more. Thanks for the opportunity.



My name is Mike Ramos, I’m an Interaction Design student, I have a personal project about a game, and I will take the game design part on my own as far as I could go, just to learn. It is my passion and I’m very thankful to you guys for putting up this course, awesome!

Hope everyone can enjoy it.

Have fun!


Hey, my name is sam omidiand I’m 2d artist. Currently, I am looking to learn more about colors, lighting and environmental design, so this is such a great opportunity!


Hi there, My name is Sash, freelance artist. Really looking forward to improve my skills in environment design as this is the field I don’t know much about. Always loved digital and comic art however never has a chance to enter the industry. Thanks for introducing this course.Cheers!


Hi, my name is Alex Korting, I’m a freelance theme park designer. Very much looking forward to learn from this course.


My name is Annabelle Lord-Paré, I am from Canada and I am a self taught artist. I am a beginner in making environments and I always wanted to learn how to do proper environment design. This is an opportunity that I can’t miss and I’ll be very happy to join your calss.
I mostly do character design and portraits. I need to learn how to draw proper environment if I want to work for a company as big as Blizzard one day.


hi My name is Sandra Dauber. I am a 3d student at GSO. I want to be an environment artist. Mainly do 3d, but need to work on my 2d skills.


Hi! My name is Elena Montijo. I’m a 2d freelance artist trying to grow in my field… I’ve been wanting to learn more about environmental design, composition and visual development. I know this course will be very helpful and it’s a great opportunity to learn from the pros!


Hi, My name is Michael Villarroel and I do freelance animation here in Trinidad and tobago in the Caribbean. Looking forward to the enviroment course with you . Hi guys also looking forward.


Hello my name is Tainkeni Lopez. I recently graduated from a Digital Animation program. Currently, I am looking to learn more about lighting and environmental design. Thank for this great opportunity!


Hi, my name is Jayvee Baquiran and I’m a grapgic artist focusing on Illustration, and Character Design with basic knowledge in Environment Design.


I’m Leslie Mercado and I’m a student studying for concept art! I look forward to this


Hi, my name is James O’Toole. I’ve been working as a graphic designer and Photoshop artist for twenty years, but I’ve always wanted to get back to my first love of illustration. I am a full time freelancer working from my home studio under the business name Midnight Sun Design.


Hi, my name is Mohit Kushwah, and i’m currently a student and i’m learning game dev. and I’m super interested in this course…looking forward to learn from you sensei!