Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, David Harrington


Hey Everyone,
I’m new to the digital painting world but have a background in Arch Viz and concept design. I work for an architectural firm in the Mountain West area of the US.


HI, I’m Heather Elroy. I’m a 3D Artist. I don’t get to play with digital paint as often as I’d like and I’m looking forward to all the fun new things I can learn from this as well as all the cool people. I look forward to seeing everyone’s work!


Hi. My name is Todd Rinker. I am currently an MFA student focusing on Concept Art with the Academy of Art University.


My name is Gülcan Yiğit. I am working as Game Artist on my own business. . Currently, I am working on 3d modeling but i am also practicing and improving my 2d skills. So i am excited to learn some drawing tips and tricks :slight_smile: Thank you so much for this lecture


Hi all. I’m Bruce, I have an archiArchitecture degree and I am also a painter. I have worked alongside architects and developers doing illustrations, especially for projects that are not yet designed so I make up a lot of places and images. I feel the next step is in environment design and I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to explore the basics of this field through this course.


Hey I’m Amit Sadik. Architecture student right now, want to combine architectural knowledge and concept art in the future. You can see some of my environment digital paintings in my portfolio. Thank you for the opportunity.


Hi, I’m Tyler McQuade. graduated from a game dev program a few years back and now I am T2 Desktop Support/Systems Administrator.

I like to dabble in game dev things when I have time.


Hi, I’m Vesse Veering and I am a CG generalist and independent animation short director. I have a traditional art background, but I have moved to character design and VFX. I would very much like to improve my Environment design skills.

Thank you for the opportunity.


James Alguire, Owner InkDrop Media Group
I do consulting and training and am working towards getting better at 3D


Hi! My name is Vanesa Pervan, graphic designer and programming student.


Hello there! I am Reem Elsalahat, an inexperienced amateur with some talent, looking for some motivation.


Hello, My name is Daniel Urpia. I come from a traditional background having studied Fine Arts, at the moment I’m studying Architecture and working as a freelancer. Have been working with graphic design since I was 15 and now I’m trying to learn what I can about Game Development and Digital Art. Can’t put in words how excited I am about this course! Looking forward to learning as possible!


Hello my Name is Juan Ibarra I’m Game Designer & Concept artist at Indie Games México


Hello! I am Alex, i work in graphic/web design for almost 6 years now but i am passionate about art and i like learning new things


Hello, my name is Thiago Teles and I am a student of game design, and I have the dream to start my own game development studio. This course is an excellent opportunity to enhance my knowledge of design environments. The biggest prize for me here is the knowledge that I will acquire. I apologize for my bad English, I’m Brazilian and the little that I know of the English language was conquered empirically … I usually read a lot of technical books in English, since there are few good materials translated into my language. As I come from a family with few financial resources, I had to learn things always alone, only with the help of courses and books that I can acquire. That is why this course is very important to me, to have the opportunity to learn a little with the great artist David Harrington, it is a great honor for me.


Hello all.
My name is Eric Miro and I am a creative director at General Idea (
Looking forward to this course.


Hey everyone! My name’s Mary Gorbacheva, Currently I’m working as a 2d artist in Owl Studio, mostly as an environment artist. Never used Corel Painter before, so be glad to develop some new tools and knowledge. So looking forward for your course!


My name is Edward Osei Amoah, excited to join the community! I am a games development Student at the University of the west of Scotland. i have experience with 3D modelling and i want to improve so i am learning 2D so i can improve on my 3D work.


Hey there!
Hugo Pessoa here, i’m a Motion Designer for the last 10 years, helping students in Brazil to finish their University Courses. Have some experience with 3d softwares and illustration as well, but always leveling my friends, so this course it’s gold. Pure and simple. Hope we have some fun along the way.


Hey! My name is Anatoliy Tsvetkov, I’m a lead environment artist at 1c online Games. I’m a 3D artist most of the time but I won’t to rise my skills in 2d environment to emprove overall quality of my works.