Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, David Harrington


Hey, I’m Jennifer Stanley and I’m a beginner artst,im just looking for a challenge and some fun


Hi! My name is Marcio Perrella jr, and i am Visual developer at Techno Image in Brazil and this course was a great Up on my skills and a new opportunity to learn another way to do our work!


Greetings. I’m Luciana Souza , im from Brazil and I go by my pen name Saphyriel. I am retired and devoting some time for my old love for 3D and Visual arts, I´m also an old time WoW player and overall fascinated by the possibilities of digital art! I look forward to enhance my skills to this passion of mine.


Hi, I am Christian Moche. Just want to learn for fun.


hello guys im Tafadzwa Nyamande. I’m a student from Zimbabwe


Hi im Pablo Farias ,and i am a self-taught artist :grin:


Hi, I’m Jerry Magni, Italian tattoo artist, former comic artist and illustrator.

I’m looking forward to getting involved in this workshop :slight_smile:


I’m Sebastián Duarte from México, I’m currently a student in interactive media, i love learning new stuff, specially things related to my own preferences, and I wish I could afford all of cgma’s courses, so when I found out that this course was free, I ran out to the register section and immediately started writting this coment.


Hi! Marina Margiotta, student


Hello, I am Alexa Rockman.
I am faculty at Laguna College of Art and Design, and a freelance illustrator. I am looking to learn more to bring to my students, as well as improve my environments! Thank you!


Bradley Bleeker, drawer; missed most of this, but hope to be able to view videos, etc. for reference.


Checking in a little but hope to catch up in the few days that are left. I am Asha Jagannathan, Portland, OR. I am a freelance 3D artist.


Hello, My name is Sarah Martinez or just call me Tiggys and I’m a sophomore at UIW. My original plan going in the university was to do animation. But, I been more interested in modeling and environmental building. So, this course caught my very attention. Even more to understand more on the environmental aspects from start to beginning. Nice to meet you :slight_smile:


Christian Heinrich Here:)Excited to get some insights from this course and improve on my 2d painting for concept art.


hello there, this is theep here. an aspiring CG artist with keen interest to develop various artistic skills. looking forward for this exciting course. thx


I’m Erik Heyl. I’m currently pursuing art as a hobby so no studio. Thatvsaid I’ve always heard thst CG Society courses are excellent and have been exploring Painter and Painter Essentials. I’m looking forward to this.


My name is Adriana Cardozo. Im a digital matte painter for prints. Im working like DMP freelancer at Zombie Studios. I have a post production skills in Photoshop, but i want learn about concept art and digital painting to create new enviroments for my pipeline.


Hey I’m Matt Peplinski. I’m a student:) Thank you for this opportunity.


Hey there David! Looking forward to this. I’m Brian LaCaze and a Visual Communication Manager at a small company named Systran, Inc. We typically do work in the oil and gas fields and I’m mostly a hobbyist for 2D work, but it all carries over.


Hello, i am Nick Gridinskiy and i would love to signup for this class.