Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, David Harrington


Hi everyone, I’m Jonathan Munro, a 2D artist. I’m terrified of drawing landscapes and environments and I’m using this opportunity to try to level up.


Hellow… my name is SATRIA FERNANDO FROM INDONESIA, i am a Self taught artist.

i hope i can learn how to paint with from this opportunity


Hi, my name is Yevgen Kolesnichenko. I am a project manager. In my free time I draw and try to improve my skills.


Hi Jamie Oakley here, freelance motion designer and 3D generalist but also looking to broaden my art and design horizons. A bit late to the game but looking forward to take a look see


Hello, my name is Alar Lilleväli and i am from Estonia. I study animation in the university and i am currently looking for some profesional help for drawing backgrounds. I have been drawing entire my life, making up stories and characters was the thing i loved the most. Right now I am lacking the inspiration and i hope to find it again with your help :slight_smile:


Has anyone seen if he’s posted a lecture 2


Hi, my name is Salma Mohsen. I’m currently working as a 2D concept art and matte painting I’m looking forward at a chance to hone my skills in 2D Concept environment and 3D Matte Painting


Hello there 3d fellas, my name is Oscar Sanchez, I finished 3d modeling/texturing degree and now I’m freelance (poor). I love 3d and 2d art and I want to improve and work as artist.


Emilie Francis, environment concept artist, and this is a great opportunity to learn!


Hey, I’m Jennifer Stanley and I’m a beginner artst,im just looking for a challenge and some fun


Hi! My name is Marcio Perrella jr, and i am Visual developer at Techno Image in Brazil and this course was a great Up on my skills and a new opportunity to learn another way to do our work!


Greetings. I’m Luciana Souza , im from Brazil and I go by my pen name Saphyriel. I am retired and devoting some time for my old love for 3D and Visual arts, I´m also an old time WoW player and overall fascinated by the possibilities of digital art! I look forward to enhance my skills to this passion of mine.


Hi, I am Christian Moche. Just want to learn for fun.


hello guys im Tafadzwa Nyamande. I’m a student from Zimbabwe


Hi im Pablo Farias ,and i am a self-taught artist :grin:


Hi, I’m Jerry Magni, Italian tattoo artist, former comic artist and illustrator.

I’m looking forward to getting involved in this workshop :slight_smile:


I’m Sebastián Duarte from México, I’m currently a student in interactive media, i love learning new stuff, specially things related to my own preferences, and I wish I could afford all of cgma’s courses, so when I found out that this course was free, I ran out to the register section and immediately started writting this coment.


Hi! Marina Margiotta, student


Hello, I am Alexa Rockman.
I am faculty at Laguna College of Art and Design, and a freelance illustrator. I am looking to learn more to bring to my students, as well as improve my environments! Thank you!


Bradley Bleeker, drawer; missed most of this, but hope to be able to view videos, etc. for reference.