Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, David Harrington


Hey guys! I am looking forward to showing you guys some cool tips and tricks for environment design using Corel Painter. There’s a lot of cool stuff to go over and I am excited about sharing the knowledge and seeing what each of you comes up with! Watching my students and junior artists learn and grow is one of my favorite parts of working in this field, so bring your imagination, sense of wonder and discovery, storytelling skills and artistic know-how to the table, and let’s have a great time creating unique and immersive worlds!

Now it’s your turn - register by introducing yourselves below. First name, last name, student/title and/or studio.

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Start Here! Fundamentals of Environment Design Course (Rules, Details)
Start Here! Fundamentals of Environment Design Course (Rules, Details)

My name is Sergei Panin and now I am working as senior level artist in Sperasoft. Mostly, I am working as 3d artist but I am also practicing my 2d skills for finding good design and composition of my 3d scenes. This course sounds like a fantastic opportunity to practice with my 2d skills and design


Hey, my name is Kapila Hazelett. I’ve been wanting to get into this field for years and have a degree in graphic design but still working as a cook. I originally wanted to focus on visual effects for film and cinema but have also found that I love working in 3D. I will say I’m not the greatest of artists lately since being a full time sous chef is pretty time consuming and my skills have become very rusty over time so I don’t expect to do very well at this. However I’ve recently been inspired to work on an environment that I can build in either Unity or Unreal eventually and I’m looking forward to a chance to pick up my drawing tablet and brush the dust off.


Hi, my name is Geoff Stewart. I’m currently working as both a 3D artist and programmer. I rarely get a chance to work in 2D so I’m looking forward at a chance to hone my skills.


Hello, my name is Marian Aquilizan. I recently graduated from a Compositing program. Currently, I am looking to learn more about lighting and environmental design, so this is such a great opportunity!


Hi, my name is Ashley Benson.
My main focus is on 3D. However I have been drawing in 2D ever since I could remember.
It didn’t occur to me that despite taking art classes offered in school and outside instruction. That we never once learned anything about drawing for an environment space. Unless you count still lifes. I do recall once while camping sitting down and attempting to draw the river, bank and trees across from me. However, I struggled to focus on one spot.
I’m also considering environment design as my main focus. So this course will be perfect.
Lastly I’m a student so I don’t have any studio experience, but I’m excited to learn as much as I can.


Hi, I’m Damon Westenhofer,
Everyone knew me as the concept guy in school since I liked to design things for people. However, I’m trained in 3D modeling. I love concepting and modeling but my portfolio doesn’t show it right now. I have been working in advertising and freelancing as a fantasy artist for around 7 years now.
My painting, design, and modeling skills have come a long way since school and I’d like to build a new portfolio to look for concept or modeling work. Environments are where I’m weakest, so I would love to get the benefit of learning from David.


Hey, my name is Arnav Banerji.
I am currently a student and have almost exclusively worked in 3D so far but this seems like a great opportunity to learn about environment design and I hope to improve my understanding of creating larger scenes and visualizing environments for my projects.


I am Dean Thompson. Artist at Masque Publishing.


Richard Blumenstein, Lead Faculty for the GAD/MAAA departments for Arts Institute, always looking to improve myself.


My name is Ramona Boehme and I’m working as a computer scientist in the field of databases. At the same time I’m taking some of the fundamental classes at the CGMA and looking forward to the environmental content there later on.


Hi all, I’m Jessica, a motion graphics designer in London. I’ve been working in design for many years but have always loved environment art. Looking forward to learning!


Hi, my name is Anirban Sen Tantubay
Currently I am working as an freelance Matte Painter. My main interest is to learn Environment Art for games and Movies. I am absolutely a self taught artist and a I thought this course will really help me to learn with an Industrial professional from Hollywood.
I hope to improve my self by taking this course and enhanced my skill in creating a believable environments for Fantasy, Sifi, and Ancient culture.


Hello, My name is Samuel Barber, student.


My name is Daria Zersen, I am a freelance illustrator for games. I used do 2d art and concept for casual games. I was looking for a environment course I could afford. This will be great opportunity and I hope to have lots of fun doing all the assignments.


Hi, I’m Alejandra Beltramo, student. Thanks for this opportunity.


Salutations! I’m Marko Petric, self proclaimed “craftsman”. My main field of work is 3D modeling, with professional experience in character and prop design/ modeling. Always looking to hone my skills and expand my knowledge, and environment design seems like a step in the right direction. Being taught by one of Blizzards own, is the icing on the cake, that is this opportunity. Thank you!


Hi, I’m Lawrence Simpson. My friends call me LJ.
Thank you for taking the time to teach this course. I am currently working as a freelance Technical Director but have a great interest in developing interactive environment experiences for VR. Of course, developing the artistry to visualize those environments would help!


My name is Andros Martinez and i´m working as freelance concept artist and illustrator.
This seems an amazing oportunity to learn from a Jedi Master like David


Hi, my name is Amanda Ferguson. I’m currently an Industrial Graphic Artist II with one of America’s primary defense contractors, where I render 2D and 3D graphics. This course comes at just the right time because I’ve been in a real “painter” mood as of late anyway, and I just loaded Corel to my unit last weekend. I can’t wait to get started!