Register a dialog with an height less than 65


i’m trying to create a progressbar with a button above it that docks on the bottom side of max, but i’m having trouble on register a dialog with an height less than 65.
I mean if i crate a dialog (using createdialog) with an height let’s say of 35 it will be all right but when i register the dialog (using cui.registerdialogbar) will scale it’s width and the height to a “standard” minimum dimension (that standard dimension for the height i tested is 65).

So my question is can i register and dock a dialog with and height less than 65 withot the scaling effect?

i’ve tried every combination on the style parameter of cui.registerdialogbar and nothing seems to work, i’ve also noticed that if i undock manually (with a drag of the mouse) the dialog it will rescale to the correct dimension.
unregister, undock, and re register and re dock through maxscript will not solve the problem.

here is the script:

try cui.UnRegisterDialogBar testdialogdock catch() ;
try destroydialog testdialogdock catch()
rollout testdialogdock "testdialog"

	button post "testdialog button"  height:16 width:1900 align:#center
	progressbar mahprogbar color:(color 98 201 239)  height:6 width:1900 align:#center

	createdialog testdialogdock pfx 35 
	cui.registerdialogbar testdialogdock style:#(#cui_dock_bottom) --- try to comment this line and you will see that the dialog created will be of the right dimension
	cui.DockDialogBar testdialogdock #cui_dock_bottom


This problem has also troubled me for a long time, and it has not been solved. I don’t know if it is because of the problem of the high version of max. The previous version did not have this problem.


What if you resize it?
windows.setWindowPos <int HWND> <int x> <int y> <int width> <int height> <bool repaint>