RegionKing Update 1.5 with great new Features


Hello all,
I have just released a new Version of RegionKing. Version 1.5 comes with some very handy new features.


RegionKing is a new Tool for CINEMA 4D which helps a lot for setting up scenes for rendering. In many situations it is very time-consuming to setup lights and textures/shaders and find the right rendersettings. You need to do a lot of preview rendering and wait to see results. Also it is difficult to compare the results and rendertimes and revert your Scene to the best version. RegionKing provides you with a workflow that makes this all easy and fast.

More Infos:
Detailed Tutorial:

Here are the Main Features:

  • Setup Lighting, Texturing/Shading and send Versions to the Renderqueue with one click.
  • No need to care about render-outputpaths and project-saving.
  • RegionKing takes care about everything and your previews get rendered in the background while you keep working on light/shading etc.
  • Compare results in Pictureviewer and always return to any state of your scene after you picked your best result.
  • Setup Renderregions in the HUD.
  • Teamrender Support and support for Teamrender distributed Rendering
  • Vray Support
  • Animate render regions.
  • Render stills or frame ranges with no need to dig into the rendersettings.


v1.5 2015/02/04

New Features:

  • Animate Region button
  • nicer interface (L-shape)
  • on/off-mode for fullframe Rendering
  • color/size settings for handles and buttons
  • better organized results-folder
  • buttons to send still/framerange/all frames
  • Teamrender Option


  • Snapping turned off on draging
  • Quantizing support
  • Doubble Click centerhandle selects object below
  • OFF modus doesnt support Cameraoffset
  • Animated Region is WRONG!

v1.01 2014/11/20


  • Film offset not supported
  • Problems with FOV below 36 (RK invisible)
  • Save path gets deleted in current project
  • Prio-issue with RegionSpline
  • minor optimizations

v1.0 2014/11/19

  • First Public Release


great plugin Holger,very usefull!



Thanks Stefan. We still have to have a chat :wink:


I want to clarify something about your plug-in. If I’m trying out different light set-ups and render settings, and I send these off to the render queue and take the dog for a walk as suggested, though in my case it would be the cat, when I return how do I know which render was which? Am I right in thinking it saves a new c4d file for every different bunch of settings I apply?

BTW, though I like the music on your video, and it’s pretty slick. I think it would be better if you did a spoken tutorial.


Hi Mitchino, Thank you for the feedback. When you return from the Walk with your Cat :slight_smile: you can select the Jobs in the Renderqueue and Rightclick->open in pictureviewer. That will open all Results in the Pictureviewer. RegionKing adds incremental names to the C4Dfiles and to the Renderresults. That way you can find the coresponding C4D-File to the Rendering in the Renderqueue or in the Finder.

Just in Short:
RegionKing saves a Incremental Version of your Scene in a Folder called “RK_Results”. The renderings will also be rendered into this Folder. The nameing of C4D-File and Renderresult has the same Number. So if you order the Files by name in Finder/Explorer you see under each Renderresult the coresponding C4D-File.

But you dont need to use the Finder/explorer. You can do everything in Renderque & Pictureviewer. If you have choosen the Version you want to keep working with you can just Rightclick on the Job in the Renderqueue and choose “edit Project” and it will open the Scene for you.

You are totally right. I need to make a indepth Tutorial about RegionKing. I think it is not very clear to many People how it all works. That is on my Todo-List since I released RegionKing. Soon I will make something. It is for me a lot of work to make tutorials where I speak. I need to record it several times to get it right. But I will make one for sure as soon as I have some time.

That is Right. Each Time you press Render with RegionKing a Incremental File of this current State gets saved to the RegionKing Folder inside of your ProjectFolder. If you use heavy scenes with big File-sizes I recomend to use Xrefs. That way you dont occupy unnecessary Discspace.
But it is easy to get rid of the RegionKing Files. Just delete the RegionKing Folder after a Session of Rendering.

greetings, Holger


Thanks - I think it looks really helpful and it’s pretty cheap, so I’ll likely order it shortly!


looking forward the best…!
Any way to select render fileson others folder or place…?
From render queue to picture viewer preview… that is I think Vray issue.



Fyi: I have Just uploaded a detailed Tutorial about RegionKing: