Regatta Stellare


Senturon Mining Corporation celebrates the discovery of rich new sources of titanium by sponsoring the first Regatta Stellare. Employees and their families are invited to observe from the lounge of one of the many burgeoning mining stations. The solar sail race is more spectacular than expected, with ships accelerating to unprecedented speed, thanks to a nova. Senturon Shark, the all-titanium scout ship fitted with sails for the event, makes a stunning debut as it passes near the station in a daring maneuver to take the lead.

I have long admired how Mr. Mead sets up the anticipation and excitement of an event surrounding his presentation of the vehicle design. The scenes of family togetherness depicted in some of his work are particularly touching and most memorable for me.

I have incorporated these important themes in my concept modeled with Maya and painted in Photoshop.


Thats very impressive. it took me right back to the likes of “Tron” with the vehicle that travelled along a beam of light. (gee, wish i knew its proper name haha) which is fitting as SYD worked on the film as you may know. Love the cool colour scheme, the balloons are a very surreal touch for the image. Although admittedly i couldn’t distinguish the shapes until full viewing, but it makes sense, using sails to capture the solar winds.

Great effort here



This is one of the very very few images that are done the right way. Congratulations!


Dear LightSovereign,

Thank you for taking the time to comment and for your very kind words. I appreciate your support! :slight_smile:

I agree with your comment on the bubbles - and they weren’t part of my original concept. However it is in keeping with the circular/ spherical motif that appears in some of Syd Mead’s work. After I took the colors out of the sails, I was struggling with how to include the intense red/orange/magenta that appeared in my inspirational image (Google: del baile de Zhora –I am not sure I have permission to post it here). I didn’t want to push the ceiling light show any more and the pink glow from the reporter’s lighting & TV’s wasn’t strong enough. Also, I felt that the scene needed to be more “festive” –enter the bubbles! :wink:

Here is an earlier version of what it looked like without:

Dear davek1979,

Thank you very much for your comment. I am thrilled to have such positive feedback. :love:

I had stopped and started working on this entry so many times because I was too intimidated by trying to work in the style of
Syd Mead! In spite of the artistic torment, I learned a lot by doing this composition and your kind words are the icing on the cake!


Well you got the colors perfectly :wink: good luck!


Hi techguy,

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not just a vehicle…it’s a full of future vision and compositon :slight_smile:

I like to watch images for minutes and discover almost all the details…and this image has… :wink:
good luck with it, I like it


This image has a pure female touch, especially the glowing finger nails and hair! interesting image nice work and good luck ! :slight_smile:



Hi Csaba! :wavey:

Thanks for visiting and you very kind words! I appreciate the encouragement!


Thank you for your comments and compliments!

The hair was inspired by the illuminated glasses from Blade Runner (there is also a great …hat? in the lower right corner of the del baile de Zhora I mentioned below. I wanted to include some indications of popular fashion trends in my image. As for the nails…I was holding up my own hand to paint the lighting/shading…and, well…I DO have yellow polish so I repainted the nails on my character and added the glow to continued the light theme! :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you hit the nail on the head with your project. It has everything right and the atmosphere is perfect. The balloons there really help in suggesting the mood and balancing the composition. Good luck!



Hi Ionut,

Thank you so much for looking and your positive comments! :wavey:


heyy there Lyn!! one thing for sure … rendering people is not an easy task … you really worked hard on this one … all the very best to you my friend :love: :thumbsup:
god bless you …


Hi Nevs!

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I would like to offer some detail shots:

The sails:

The Senturon Shark:

The media reporter:

The child with the glowing hair:

The family:

Thank you for your kind comments and support. Congratulations and good luck to all!


I keep my fingers crossed for all 2d entries and you deserve my two hands!:wink: Good luck!!!


Hi artozi,

Thank you very much for taking a look. I appreciate your good wishes! I have learned a lot from trying to emulate the style of Syd Mead.

I have to say, again, that your work is stunning–you didn’t try: you succeeded!. :arteest:


Same here, learnt alot from him. Good luck !


Hi Tawhid,

Thanks for taking a look and for your wishes. :wink:


Hi, I like the way you apply the colours, very interesting.:thumbsup:

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wow, this is an impressive image!
I like the glowing hair.