refrigerator in a desert (photoreal rendering)


Hi guys. i just want to test some cool mentalray shaders on it(car paint shader, glossy relection). this refrigrator is in a middle of a desert. i want a final render looks like as a photo.i use maya 7. so i need your helps to comment it, so till shader setup.


You didn’t happen to get this idea from Futurama did you? I really like the refridgerator model. Show us some renders!


I like the detail on the upper parts of the model, the lighting doesnt do it justice though…something to keep in mind

i thought you cheaped out on the detail on the pipes too

looks good, keep it up :wink:


Cool fridge!

The color rendering needs work. The shading is way off on the pipes, and the front door. You can see the pinched points of the vertexes and shading.


C’mon send us some renders :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot guys. iam not finish a modeling yet. its some test of a env. i want to make it hot and there will be a mirage in a back and some smear effect.


nice, model is cool and the rendering is coming along, keep it going

edit: im checkin your other work and i must say that i really like it, specially that industrial thing, i’d like to see that one finished :wip:


Very cool! I like the setup.

Can’t wait to see more! :slight_smile:


^^ Im really liking it so far. Love the models, and the textures so far look really good. I think though, you have ur image too light, maybe lower the intensity a bit on the key light to define the object a bit more. Keep it up dood :slight_smile:


looking good so far :slight_smile:

i’d have to agree that it seems a bit too bright…which looks to be making the fridge look kind if washed-out…


Thanks a lot for your comment. iam agree with that.ref is getting to much bright, because it dont have any shader yet. what a bout a desert? its a hot desert with a sal and mirage will be add.



Looking really nice, i want to see this finished.


It may not support geometry with edges that are used by only one face.

It may require water tight geometry where it doesn’t have any wholes in it.

I mean, in todays computer graphics world I can’t think of anyone who would write a program that worked that way with stencil shadows, but looks too me that’s what is happening.

Try capping all your wholes.


Thanks.(mustan9) yes the thinks that you sed are right, i hope after all of this cleanup things its going to be ok.


In a quest 3d when i use a low poly or simple object to cast a shadow instead of a high res,and then hide a low poly,there is no shadow on a high res poly. because low res poly is on top of the high res poly and high res poly dont cache any shadow. what should i do?
anothere thing. consider that i dont want to use a low poly method for a shadow casting and my high res poly is clean and there is no open or overlap edge, but in a some area that one poly casting a shaow on it self or another poly, shadows becomes black. what is a solution for this problem? thanks.


some snapshot.this are realtime with quest 3D.not finished render will be difference.


this are some new snapshot of this projects.its not done yet, i dont bake a env yet and lots of othere stuff will be add.(real time)


Ok. after a long time. i was busy for a while.another snapshoot.this one is bake in mental ray and then render in maya(mental ray stand alone) there is a link to download its 360 degree camera rotation animation on my website

Quick Time - 3.2 MB


that is absolutly amazing, i love the renders and the model.

I would absoulty love you if you could post some info on the material, it is perfect.