Refractive Software bought out by Otoy


I guess he did the right thing for his company :slight_smile:


As much as I disliked a lot of the business decisions made in the past, I can respect the sale to OTOY. Here’s hoping Octane has a bright future and Radiance’s health recovers.


Formal announcement with a bit more information regarding OTOY as a company and the future of Octane:

Refractive Software® and OctaneRender® now part of something bigger…

We are very pleased to announce that Refractive Software® had been acquired by OTOY® Inc.

OTOY® has been a strong partner of Refractive Software® since 2010, we finally agreed this progression was the next logical step for us to take.
All of us want to see OctaneRender® get to the next level, from both a business and technology perspective. When we found the right partner to make this happen, the opportunity was clear and the timing was right.
We are now 40 people strong, and that is a big change from the size we were at before.

What does this means for Octane Render?

First, there will be more corporate resources, engineers and staff which is currently being hired to work on the product - making OctaneRender® the best possible product it can be. I (Radiance) will become the Chief Graphics Architect at OTOY®, and remain the lead developer and architect of OctaneRender®.

There are some very talented people at OTOY® - including Paul Debevec, the inventor of the HDRI map as we all use today, whose LightStage® technology has been successfully commercialized by OTOY® since 2008. Last year, Autodesk® invested in OTOY’s cloud rendering technology.

All that OTOY® is involved with is now potentially part of Octane’s roadmap as we move forward as one company.

Jules Urbach, the CEO of OTOY®, started out as an OctaneRender® customer, just like everyone else on the licensed customer forums. His passion for OctaneRender® and his faith in this product is a big part of why this has happened.

Rest assured, the development team is more focused than ever, and OctaneRender® is not being changed or tampered with; we are not dropping plug-in support for any 3rd party products, and we are not altering the price-point of the final 1.0 product (199e), nor changing any promises we have made regarding beta licenses etc…

During the course of the next few months, we plan to focus 100% on getting OctaneRender® out of beta and into final release. This means final release of our major plug-ins for many 3D animation and modeling packages, some have been announced and some not yet, as well as instancing and other core rendering features that go alongside that.
Once this milestone is behind us, we will complete the transition to a brand new website, improved community forums and payment system to a new back-end being worked on at OTOY® LA.

Developing OctaneRender® has been an incredible experience, and we couldn’t have made it here with you all of you. With the team backing OctaneRender® today, the future of the product we all care so much about is looking better than ever.

Radiance (aka Terrence Vergauwen), Jules Urbach and the OctaneRender® Team.


The only good news here is that Debevec is a respected name in computer graphics research and OTOY may actually do something with Octane (like ship a finished product).

Terrence has spent two years over-promising and under-delivering, shipping buggy software, losing interest and starting other projects, and blaming other people (and the recession?!) for a pricing model that was never sustainable in the first place. To literally tell paying customers “I never need to worry about money again” is the most hilariously terrible PR statement I’ve ever seen. This, after taking forever to introduce software plugins and then forcing customers to double their investment if they actually want a real workflow. Protip: you’re not doing anyone a favor if your “99 euro GPU engine” is unfinished. And to simultaneously mention extreme financial security while also guilt-tripping your patient customers into providing months of free customer support to other forum visitors is naive, at best.

Octane can still be a respectable renderer and someday I hope I can actually make use of it. Here’s to a hopeful acquisition; I hope OTOY can ship something great.


Cannot agree more. Radiance has been coming up with one bullshit excuse after another. I love the “I never need to work again” in the PR too. Never thought I would see “**** you, I GOT MINE!” in a company PR.


The day when they surprised everyone with an online connection requirement was the day I realised the people behind the company had no idea how to run one.


Yes they were novices in running a company but at leastthey know how to make money out of it.
This “i got my money” statement is a bit strange for us users.

I really like Octane and use it for a lot of renderings beside Maxwell. Okay I got the max plugin for free (tester) and the tool itself for 49€ discount some years ago so I maybe dont have to complain and made my ROI a log time ago.
But at the end I still need to make money and hope Octane will keep progressing.

They should release the new core with instances and then do what they want. Its the final thing I would need. :wink:


Yes, I could see this happening from a mile away :rolleyes: At least I got a few nice renders out for my $99 before they added all that online “protection” crap which sent me running for the hills (or Vray more specifically).

Radiance really has proven to be quite the clown with his involvement in Indigo, Luxrender and Octane over the years and always courting a circus with him.

Got to love his cheap mudsling at Brecht with :

since brecht joined our company, only to vanish 2 weeks later with a copy of our engine code and 4 months later announce ‘cycles’, which is now integrated into blender

I know who I have more respect for. Long live Cycles :buttrock:


I have zero respect for Refractive at this point. He can work on software that turns objects to gold and I still will not buy anything from him.


Talk about stab / not give a toss about your former customer base?

Selling RS has secured my personal future, I never need to worry about money again,

Im alright jack thanks for all your cash, Im now sorted - The rest of you can go swing in the full force of austerity / recession ( here in bailout Ireland anyway ).

Whether intended that way or not - it is how I read this.

Bad PR and badly said, but then maybe he doesnt care anymore?



Funny how ppl bash the fact hes being honnest about that part and would rather have him put some PR bullshit down.

Appart from that i agree with everyone though

 What some would call honesty, I say is a lack of tact. There is a difference.


What a jerk.



That guy is the least professional ***** I’ve ever had the displeasure of giving money to. He disabled my license after I confronted him on the forums about his software’s ability (respectfully I may add) - it’s never worked since and they ‘don’t do refunds’. So maybe now that he’s so awesomely financially secure he can give me my $100 back… :rolleyes:

I hope they get steamrolled by Arion, Maxwell, VRay, modo - whoever…I don’t care…they suck. : )



Companies being bought out to bigger ones happens all the time. At least I am happy that Otoy will speed up the development from now on :slight_smile:


This post saved me money. I’ve been considering buying Octane but it’s better to wait and find out what will become of it. Despite what this guy says I think this is vaporware and 1.0 will never be released.


Meh…Octane had so much potential, but Refractive destroyed whatever they had going for them. Their PR rivals Nevercenter. They make a product, and then lose interest and move on to other things.

Selling RS has secured my personal future, I never need to worry about money again, and while you may be very envious of that, think of all the free time i will have to develop new projects in the future, and I have a lot of good ideas.

His good idea’s don’t seem to have his customers in mind. That’s for sure.
I wish him the best for the future and certainly will not be buying any of his future products again.

Here’s to a hope that Otoy will take Octane to where it could have gone a few years ago! :beer:


That story remind me of studiogpu and machstudio application and them trying to implement a new business paradigm and after that the investor pulling out their money and going out of business. Let me be skeptical when a company plays with their customers it ends the same way.


maybe… they’ll bring us what some of us are waiting: ultra fast reasonably priced PBR in a cloud (something like FelixRender, just that is faster & cheaper being calculated in clouds w/ lots of GPUs)


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