reflections are broken - probably simple fix


Mkay, I’ve got a softball to throw you guys.

I’m setting up a scene that will require one object to reflect a series of light-emitting cards, which I’m using maya Surface shaders for. Here’s what I get out of Maya Software Renderer:

When I switch to mental ray, this is what I get:

I don’t want to lose that detail when I reflect my objects – I must be missing something super simple here! I’m sure Master Zap could explain that this is how it’s supposed to look…

Thanks in advance, folks!


It was indeed a simple fix – the texture filtering was being used when sampling farther pixels – turning the “filter” parameter on my texture nodes to .001 instead of the default 1 fixed the issue.


Were you using elliptical filtering? I know there was a bug at one point that did that when using the mental ray elliptical mode.


Unless 2011 defaults to elliptical – more investigation required!


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