Reflection problems on imported skp file for ArchViz project


Hey guys,

I’m working on this ArchViz project for work, and am having the most difficult time getting my glass reflections to behave properly. It’s a pretty basic setup. Flat glass windows and a door. Why are they showing up curved? I’m also getting this extremely frustrating ‘clipping’ going on that seems to be dependent on where the camera is. Any idea on how to fix this? It’s driving me crazy and we’re wasting way too much time on this. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. New users can only post one image apparently, so that’s also frustrating as I have a few different angles illustrating the issue. I’ll try to follow up wiht more but I’m new to the forum so not sure if it’ll work. Ugh.


I usually try to toss any glass from sketchup and rebuild it in Cinema. But - a few things to look at:

Thickness - make sure the glass actually has thickness.

Normals - make sure the normals are all facing the correct direction

Phong - this is the usual culprit. For thin flat glass, I toss out the phong tag and if it generated a normal tag I toss that too.


Seconding the suggestion about Normals. I don’t know if you can Conform them or Unlock them in C4D, but that’s how you’d fix these in Maya. Happens all the time with downloaded .skp models, which are usually very sloppy and no attention is paid to the normals at all.

In this case I’d just remodel those windows. It’d take about 5 minutes anyway, they’re pretty basic.