References and Inspirations for Everything - Not just Anatomy



check out this:

People, buildings, animals, nature etc.

There are many pictures, copyright by the owners, but for inspiration or practice I think it is great.



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You know, I’m going to go ahead and make this a Sticky ~ then people can add links as they come across more reference sites (that are not Figurative / Anatomical) in nature ~ for that we have the thread:

Reference for Anatomical and Figurative Art

I’ll update a big links list as people add them. :slight_smile:





People, buildings, animals, nature etc.
There are many pictures, copyrighted, but great for inspiration or practice.
Hi~res free reference and textures site


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Hello, another link
Thanks for your links !

Edit: sorry this site is not all free, only some images :cry:

Ah, at my signnature is interesting



Thanks for those links! :slight_smile:




Hi guys! A newbie here. A site I find wonderful for inspiration when it comes to creepy, gothic style buildings and ruins is The fellow who runs the site (Mr. Motts) is a photographer/designer who goes where those of us who are less adventurous will never get to. He’s photographed (beautifully, with wonderful camera angles) hundreds of abandoned buildings, inside and out. Most are old turn of the century asylums with wonderful broken brick work and gothic towers being taken over by vines. Some look like castles. Most of them will give you the willies! He also has a number of links to sites with other helpful architectural elements most of us don’t get to see, like underground railway tunnels, etc. I’m constantly amazed these places still exist, but they are perfect reference for those who paint creepy, crumbling buildings. Copyrighted of course, but helpful for understanding the look and feel of these kinds of buildings.


Here’s another interesting site with references, free for non commercial use.

I particularly like their nature theme pictures…


For me, the best overall site for a huge collection of hi def images (2500x3000ppi) is this:

The images are constantly being added to, they are all free and most are without any usage restrictions. The only drawback is that you can only download 100 images per day. I go there every day and download my 100 images. I have yet to see a site that offers so much and so various a collection.

For organized category images:

is also great. The images come both in small format or 2500x3000 ppi. The site is well organized into categories. The only restriction is 50mb per day.



Excelent pages all of them up there!

As for myself I constantly use the ones from


RobertoOrtiz posted this great link:

The Library of Congress Shares Over 3,000 royalty Free Photos on Flickr


Maybe this one might be useful and exotic :thumbsup:


CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) is responsible for the biggest scientific project on earth EVER. This project development is in it’s final stages and the machines, on which 1500 scientists have been working for a decade, are finally started.
These scientists will attempt to reproduce a small scaled “big bang”…

Lots and lots of technical reference images to be found on the public CERN Document server.


Hello guys, try this site:


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