Reference rigged character


I have a hand rigged character in 3ds max and the epic question – “How do I reference it into my other scenes”. Containers seem to mess up my IK constraints, and I can’t find any fixes. X-Refs are far too limiting. Are there any commercials solutions that just work ?

I’m down to simply merging unless I can find a solution soon.


I’ve looked far and wide on this exact same problem but have come up with nothing. If you do find a solution, be sure to update here!


I’ve ended up with my own script that saves the animation, merges in the latest character version and loads the animation back in. This is not a reference system, but it kind of works similar.

Max is deeply suffering from a good reference system. Containers have been a big failure, XRefs as you said are far too limited.

But it seems like a new completely useless caddy UI is more important for Autodesk.


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