Reference image


What’s the best way to have a window containing a reference image open while working in c4d? i.e. so I don’t have to keep swapping programs to look at the reference image.


I will either load it into my PV and dock it on my screen, or map it onto a plane in my scene somewhere and crank up the resolution in the material


assuming a desktop, 24 inch ips screens are £100, if theres space, just grab another screen for reference.


There is a super free program called PureRef. Chad Ashley and others have sung praises. I installed last month. It’s very full featured and minimalist at the same time.

It can keep it’s window stacked on top and active if you wish.


Picture Viewer or PureRef sound good.

Been thinking about a dual monitor set-up Mash. Working on a job right now with c4d, Octane Live Viewer, Octane Node Editor and HDR Light Studio all demanding large amounts of real estate. Would make life a lot easier!


Yup 2 monitor is essential, even at home your productivity improves several fold.


For commercial work, I would consider 2 screens as the baseline requirement. It is a huge improvement to work speed and quality of life. Currently running 3 screens at home. 24 - 30 - 24


Did the 2 screens… then 3… then replaced them with a single 4k 65" screen (There are a few that can be calibrated reasonably well these days. Not perfect, but MUCH better than just a few years back)

Only problem is… now I want a 2nd bigscreen. By this time next year, I won’t be able to squeeze in and out of the room. Gonna have to get some kind of Google Glass type situation.

… of course, then I’ll want the bifocals.


bought myself a display port to dual link dvi adapter, so now have 2 x 30" displays connected to my cheesegrater!


Is the referenced image gonna be an essential part of your work ? Like a blueprint of a car model so you can actually start modeling using the image ? If that’s the case there is an option for having an image as background on your working viewport.

If that’s not the case and your reference is for concept design, inpiration etc… install 4t Tray Minimizer. It adds the option for transparency and foreground pinning for windows.


It’s just for colour reference - all good now just using preview window on my mac on a second monitor