Reference for Anatomical and Figurative Art


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anyway, here’s a site with like TONS of paintings of all sorts of masters, some good quality some too little to rely on, but still, better then nothing
includes from renaissance to expressionism to just about everything


Figure drawing resource - Anatomy,proportions,muscle maps,etc…
Would immensly help newbies


Check out my Kickstarter Campaign called Mini Anatomy Figure. A conveniently portable, everyday carry anatomy reference figure for artists. Please tell your students, schoolmates, colleagues,family, friends and pets about the Mini Anatomy Figure and help us spread the word! Thanks for your support.


Hi. For a number of reasons I have not been active in the CGSociety since 2007! I have modelled - and still do model - for local life drawing classes and sessions. I still have a private “imageevent” modelling site, which was used by Rebecca’s Artistic Anatomy and Figurative Art sessions. It seemed to work well and some of Rebecca’s students found many of my poses useful. However, some of the photographs of me were starting to appear on Google!! At my request Rebecca took it down.

However, my site IS still there at “imageevent”, and I am thinking of adding some more poses. I would still like to offer Rebecca and her students the use of this site for their work and for practicing their drawing skills. It can be found at:
This is a secure site, and is protected, by a password - for obvious reasons! If anyone would like the use of my images they would be most welcome. but you would need to pm me for the password.

I have no objection to members’ drawings being displayed. I would love to see them myself. :slight_smile: