Reference for Anatomical and Figurative Art


Would anyone know of any links that have medical/scientific studies of animal eyes?


Hey there, did you check the 2nd post of animal links? :slight_smile:




I just purchased a book called “CYCLOPEDIA ANATOMICAE” by Gyorgy Feher and illustrated by Andas Szunyoghy - over 1500 illustrations of Humans and animals - I have immediately fallen in love with it.



Great Refernce site of Disney Character Sheets - tons of stuff - all periods of disney:



Found this male anatomy reference:
Go to Analysis under either Tito Ortiz or under Chuck Liddel.
Gonna download the .swf file before it gets removed.


Free Nude Reference, Including Orthographic Poses:

A CGTalk member created this site and posted the above link here:

Free Character Reference (nudity)


North American Birds


Photographs of marine invertebrates:




Other Insects

Videos of moving amoeboids
(very simple anatomy, but their movements are fascinating


some anatomy-blueprints:


Skin off, just about every pose and angle one could want… pretty cool. Nice setup for 30 second studies.


All vintage high res photos and movie captures. Right up my alley.


www.reference3d.comhas reference material available for download. We take recomendations as well and upload new content monthly.

As always feed back on how to provide better reference is always appreciated.


Bit of surface anatomy:

Not full coverage, but what is there is reasonably well photographed, and well labeled.


I would also like to contribute and add this site
Face Recognition Database Listing

The images from MIT-CBCL Face Recognition Database are pretty good imo, I didn’t check everything out though.

Oh yeah, thanx alot 4 the tread :applause:


Interactive real-time 3D skeleton plus muscles, organs, etc. Click on any muscle/bone/etc. to see the name, hide it or make it transparent. See relationships between muscles, the bones under them, the skin over them. Wow.

You have to register an email address, it only runs in Windows using Internet Explorer, Flash, and the Anark player, and it’s only online. Ouch x4.

But… it’s free, and totally worth the effort. Amazing stuff.


A vast gallery of muscle reference starting here:


Hello everyone, try this samples:


Free standard 3D reference photo’s of a nude female figure:



This will sound like a weird request :surprised but I thought I found, somewhere in this forum, a link to a website of REALLY skinny women :hmm:. I am talking skin on bones. I need a reference to draw a demonic looking woman. Any directions? Thanks :beer:


Here are some nice photo references of different animals including:
horse photos

cow photos

goat photos

cat photos

chicken and rooster photos

and other bird photos

hope someone will find them useful…


Some fresh male human palm photo references: