Reference for Anatomical and Figurative Art


My friend Hong Ly has updated his site, and it’s awesome:

Hong is the provider of the excellent reference photos which we use for many of the Open Figure Drawing Workshops here on the Forum. :slight_smile:

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Anatomy Resource/Reference - M.E.L.

Thanks to CGTalker M.E.L. for some excellent X-ray videos of human anatomy and for some great anatomical links ~ definitely check these movies out ~ note: please save the vids so his server does not get hammered.

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As originally posted by mmbenya in the Gen Discussion forum ~

some free facial references:

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Thanks to Gunilla for the link!

Anatomical Basis for Expression Tool ~ an amazing interactive website!

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A bunch of Anatomy ~ related links:

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Rebecca asked me to post some training materials I have. I hope this is where she meant for me to post them.
Live drawing dvd from the academy of realist art. You can just download the 10 dollar trial
and see if its something you like. This is the link to the school.

I had also purchased some awesome oil painting demonstrations from some of these artists:
Daniel Greene -
Dan Gerhartz
Johnnie Liliedahl
Burton Silverman
David Leffel
Greg Kreutz
You can read more about them from
John Sanden:
Perri Sparks :

I believe each of those independent artists also have their own web sites/


Someone just posted this in General Discussion…pretty funny pictures of various animals yawning!

Animal Yawns Reference:


Here is a cool little app that allows you to set up a 3D pose for a model, and draw from here. Sort of a “poor man’s Poser” :slight_smile:


hi guys. nykolai, a great painter at deviant art, just shared some reference photo packs of her hands in different poses.

she says it’s for anyone who needs it, but she might’ve meant just on deviant art. i sent her a pm asking for permission if we can post studies of it (i’ll update when she replies) but for the time being, please don’t post anything till she gives me a green light. just make studies of it on your own. oh and big images so big files ok.

nykolai said it would be ok to post images, but she would like us to link back to the original.


she also has a basic and advanced painting tutorial. be sure to check out her awesome work too and send her a word of thanks ok. :slight_smile:
basic photoshop painting
step by step advanced photoshop painting tutorial




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Subscribed. Are there still no competitors for…really suprising actually.


A good site posted elsewhere on the forums, great for model reference (browse by models):

Stock photos:



As per your request rebeccak

High resolution scans of historical anatomical books. Free to download. NLM/NIH wants to make this stuff available to the general public, so enjoy. :slight_smile:


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wow - totally cool site! :thumbsup:






Associé de la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Paris; Member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, &c.

Originally from the Gutenberg Project, I have converted it to PDF format, and am hosting it.(for now anyway)

The book is here:

visit the Gutenberg Project here:



Great Medical Anatomy Dissection Videos ~

WARNING ~ some of these videos are quite graphic, and require a strong stomach!

Medical Gross Anatomy Dissection Videos

Medical Gross Anatomy QuickTime VR Movies


In an effort to improve this thread, I have collected all of the (working) links and posted them in categories to the beginning of this thread in post #2 here. Please continue to post the useful links which you find, and I will continue to update the Master List in post #2.

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For those of you who don’t know, simply TONS of excellent figurative reference can be found in this thread, which is continuously updated:
I5 Minute Sketchathon - Thread 1: Reference

Please bear in mind that the provided Reference is not copyright free, and is for the purposes of daily practice sketching / drawing / painting only.

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A video introduction to the Body World’s exhibit:

and the online Brochure ~ German version PDF: