Reference for Anatomical and Figurative Art


Has anyone found more sites with lots of big quality pics of head reference? I checked out the mugshot one that was suggested earlier.

Here’s one I found that had some good ones. You can’t save the photos but you can do screen capture and save in photoshop.


That’s a good one, thanks. was already mentioned. Not free though.

US DOD has some very high-res portrait photos.



LOL, I clicked on the DoD link without really reading it, expecting anatomy reference, and came face to face with some of the US’s top military leaders…very funny!!! :scream: Great link, though ~ just a surprise! :thumbsup:

Checked out your website, very cool stuff! :slight_smile: Hope to see your work here on the Anatomy Forum. :thumbsup:




THanks. I checked out the DoD site. I can use some of those to study. The stockholmgruppen link was one I got from the CA forum, I forgot where I got it. So far I’ve been checking out modeling agency sites for faces, I’ll post up some more if I find any that I think are useful.



Thanks for that link! I missed your earlier post. That’s a good reference for models. If I come across any head shot sites, I’ll post it here. :slight_smile:



Very detailed digital anatomy, plus animations.


Great link, Eric. :thumbsup:


totally random…I saw this laminated anatomy chart in a grocery store of all places for 5.95…it’s actually really good reference especially because it’s compact and you can keep it pinned up nearby. it’s also probably very easy to find for many people and affordable.


I wasn’t sure if these were mentioned or not: - bunch of links to figure drawings related stuff - well, lots of bones :slight_smile: - anotomy reference products. Great for 3D artists too. sells ecorche sells ecorche and reference models

Society of Figurative Arts: Another figure drawing forum with good anatomy references



Great links, thanks for these! I think a few may have been linked before, but no worries. :wink: Thanks for contributing! :slight_smile:




I thought these 2 sites had some good female head reference. I’ll be doing studies off these.


I was searching for a good anatomy book and came across this link.

I dont know what anatomical plates are but it looks interesting.



Great link, thanks for that! Plates are basically just prints ~ an old style reference to printing processes of yore. Plates = images, basically. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Leonard_Washington, for those links as well! If you study from them, please post your work here, we’d love to see it! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



There I was thinking it was something different. Like a magical anatomy template :smiley:
Looks cool all the same.


Not sure wheter or not it has been posted before, but for personal use I like to just download comps in Adobe Bridge and use those as refs for my drawings. (that is legal right?).


Great references, helped me a whole lot. Thanks very much!


Hello all,

This is the first time I’ve really looked into this forum category, so pardon the newbishness.
I wonder, are self-portraits allowed here? I don’t know if the word “anatomical” can include the human face (solely) or refers more to the whole body. I’m planning to post some portrait sketches and hopefully get some feedback. (This part of the board seems the most active in collaborations)



Portraits are absolutely welcomed! In fact, we have a thread dedicated to portraits and caricatures:

Portraits and Caricatures - 2D / 3D TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL - YOO HOO BOBBY CHIU

Looking forward to your posts! :slight_smile:




Shameless Plug I know but -

The Ultimate Human section of the cgCharacter site has a few images and a few videos:


Less of a Reference than a Resource:

American Association of Anatomists