Redshift Offer


20% off Redshift offer available

would make it £286 this side of the pond

very very tempting


It is entirely worth it, there are many cracked old version of RS, but what is the point to use them if every week there are so many bugfixes and improvements.
Please buy official version. You will never regret about RS. You will regret if you use Octane though


Actually, Octane is my main render engine, and I don’t regret it!

After posting this I realised that even with 20% off Redshift, it’s not that big a bargain after all, I didn’t realise that I have to pay an extra $250 per year on an ongoing basis to get the latest version.

A major advantage of Octane is their subscription model. I pay $20 per month. If I’m busy I pay, if I’m quiet I don’t. I always have near enough the latest version.

I hope Redshift will have a subscription model soon.


Is it setup like the MSA, where if I don’t pay the renewal on year X then I have to pay even more the next year?


In fairness to the Redshift developers they have picked a pricing model that’s the least evil given all variables. Considerations about Redshift pricing:

  • You get every available DCC with a single license fee. I know many C4D owners that also own Maya or Houdini (and in some cases both). Studios most certainly operate with a range of DCC options.

  • Unlike Octane, the Redshift team release service updates on average 3 times a month and if new critical bugs are found, it’s not unusual for them to update the package 3 times in a week.

  • Redshift is a rapidly developing product with a small team that had to devise a business model that manages for lifetime value from their customers. And they operate in a world where piracy can make the difference between having a business and going bust.

If they didn’t develop the product at the rate they do you could argue against the MSA like approach to yearly maintenance but $250 isn’t much to support such an excellent product. The C4D integration is a little behind the curve compared to the more mature integrations but not by much. And at the rate it’s being developed it will soon have feature parity with the likes of Maya and Houdini.

I own Redshift, I own Cycles 4D and I occasionally rent Octane, each render has certain advantages but only Redshift can truly be considered a production renderer that can go toe to toe with the CPU renderers. The next generation of consumer GPU’s will most likely feature Volta like shared VRAM amongst GPU’s; and at that point a renderer like Redshift will make even more sense.


Even better than Otoy’s subscription was buying Octane outright.
I paid $378 in 2013, 
Then $138.51 in 2014 for a v2 upgrade
I don’t have records handy for what the v3 upgrade was but it wasn’t bad and I haven’t needed to pay anything in the past 2 years or so.


I was on the fence about Redshift. I’m not a fan of the annual maintenance fee; however, I really wanted a GPU option for toon type work. I don’t need outlines, just something similar to a cel shader. I bought Cycles when there was a really good deal on it, but it never really clicked with me. I finally found a tutorial on Redshift for Cinema 4D that showed a really impressive toon shader option. Below is something I was able to render using the tutorial’s setup. I’m pretty happy with the results, so I’ll probably pick up a license, unless others on here have additional toon GPU renderer suggestions. Redshift is a perpetual license, which is a must for me, and it offers free plugins for other packages, including Houdini Indie, so that’s an additional bonus.


Nothing against Redshift (I plan to pick up a copy), but if you want Cell Shading you should use C4D’s own Cell Shader (which is already super fast) or the super powerful Sketch & Toon with a ton more options.


Yes, I’ve used Sketch and Toon on multiple projects and it is the best I’ve seen for NPR results, but I’ve found it to be fairly slow to render. I even set up a small network with a few PCs I had , which helped, but it wasn’t ideal.


True. It can be very slow, especially with complex or multiple models. I’m not sure if it’s been updated in a while.


EJ Hassenfratz (king of toon/flat look) has sung the praises of Octane’s toon shader. He also has a new product for native cel shading w/out the need for Sketch & Toon.

His product is all about speed.


Thanks for the link and the additional information! Those shaders look extremely interesting, both to use and to break down to see how they are made.