Redshift Cloud Volume Stepping issues



I have some volume cloud render difficulties I could need some help for:

Goal is getting an Earth Globe and a volumetric clouds layer that is as detailed as possible and based on a cloudanimation grayscale image-sequence. Currently built by using a 100cm sphere that gets distorted by a displacer using the cloudanimation grayscale image-sequence as the shader for the displacer. Then placing that deformed sphere in a volume builder and subtracting a non-displaced 100cm sphere. Shown here:

Now the issues I need help with:

Currently with my Ryzen7950X+64GBRAM+RTX3080Ti I can not go below 0,2cm voxel size. Anything below that and Redshift stops to display any volumes. But I still have a lot of those circular bending-steps as shown here:

Although I allready added a Fog Smooth and a Fog Curve to minimize them. They will show in animation way more and specially when the camera gets closer to the globe. And the volume builder calculation time with this setting is allready around 1min. So the question is:

Is there any way to get more detail into the clouds, less stepping and still much faster setup times within a cienma4D+Redshift setup?




Here is a more close screenshot of the stepping… for better understanding: