Redshift & Camera Mapping


Hey Guys

It is hard to find good information about using Cinema4D and in particular RedShift for rendering and composite 3d graphic into a real-world scene. Therefore I wonder if people would want to share their knowledge in this regards?

3D-objects seem to have a different gamma configuration that doesn’t’ match the background image/photo. What am I doing wrong here?
The scene contains a cube with a plane underneath it. The plane is supposed to work as a shadow catcher and for reflections.


Hope you guys can help me out here and maybe share with me and others on how you would go about putting 3d objects into a still photo.:slight_smile:
Kind regards


Im not familiar with the particulars of Redshift, but it looks like your plane is also reflecting your dome light. Try turning off the reflections and see if you get the correct behavior for a shadow catcher object. I don’t know how to do this in redshift, but you want to be sure that your plane with the shadow catcher/refl material is only showing reflections of your cube.


Try search for tutorials in vimeo and youtube.


These might help:

around 47:00