Redshift C4D Alpha


Redshift is now in Alpha and calling for testers.


oh, reading the name I thought that may be a plug-in that can be used to create actual redshift :confused:

Edit: Does the redshift_v2.0.60_demo_setup.exe include an plug-in for Cinema 4D?


There currently is no download for a C4d plugin. It’s going to be a private alpha first before they release anything public. You have to email them to request becoming a tester. I’m anxious to use this for sure. I have been testing it with Houdini and it’s an awesome engine.


Found their forums thread:

Hello everyone!

The time has arrived to start the Cinema4D closed alpha!

We’d like to, initially, invite a small number of Cinema4D experts to help us find and fix any important issues/bugs and provide suggestions regarding the overall integration.

If you’re interested in participating, please send us an email at and include the following information:

  • Full name, email address and Redshift website account username
  • A bit about yourself. I.e. what’s your experience with C4D and show any previous examples of your work.

Please note that, at this point, we’re looking for C4D experts only. If you only recently switched to C4D from another 3D app, we kindly request that you don’t apply and, instead, wait until the alpha is opened to everyone.

We’ll begin accepting applications this week. Barring any last-minute issues, the first C4D release should be posted early next week!

The alpha users will be given access to the C4D builds and will be provided with an activation code to render without watermarks. Please note that the activation code will only work for the C4D builds. During alpha/beta, the plugin can be used for commercial projects - assuming it’s stable and feature-complete enough for those projects, of course!