Its blazingly fast on corners and on smooth surfaces.

Done with Maya and MentalRay.


i think it’s awesome you borrowed a little from Mead, planning on doing the same :wink:


Hey you sure you work is original man, did you even post any WIP or thumbs… how did you come up with this concept without any thumbnails??? Looks similar to this guys design…


Looks damn similar, but well these all are quite same type.
and these NVArt competitions didnt require any wip images? not as the CGSociety ones.

ps. but hey, my vehicle has four wheels as that one has only three.


Here is another picture of the RedRunner. A bit less dramatic one but shows more what type of vehicle we are talking about. As you can see all four wheels are tilting as the front wheel of a motorcycle, when turning on corners.


nice render. good color choice.




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