redrock micro or zacuto w/letus 35


i just bought hvx200a and i want to use nikon 35mm lens with the help of an adapter.
i have 2 choices redrock micro(now that they released matte box too)
OR zacuto with letus extreme.
i have never used both of them nor even have a look,
only reading about it on the net.
i want to use it for music videos and (sometimes without adapter only need mattebox for) documentary type shoot.
which one is best? should i go with full force towards redrock or zacuto with letus,
please help?


I’ve got the RedRock setup with PL and Nikon mounts. Love it! The main selling point for me was reading that the production team for 24 liked the setup better than the P+S Technik setup - which is $11k!

That said, I have a JVC HD110 - and with the RR setup it records the image upside down, so you need to do one of a few things to see it correctly:
-Get a monitor that can flip the image rightside up.
-If you don’t have one, position the monitor you DO have upside down.

Also, be careful about your back-focusing to NOT move it once it’s set. We kept bumping it, and some of our footage is a little soft. I imagine this is true with the Letus setup as well.

Make sure you have a production monitor - where you can see the ENTIRE image - if you don’t zoom in enough, you will get a little bit of vignetting. It’ll also be easier to check your back focus so that you’re sure you have the ground glass in sharp focus.

If I had to do it all over again, I’d get a camera like yours - a little “brick camera” - because the JVC with it’s beautiful removable lens makes the whole setup almost 3 feet long to get to the focus ring - especially when I put my Angenieux 25-250 on that thing!

Don’t have, and never used the Letus. Read a review of it in DV magazine, and generally they liked it. It also has another element (if I remember this right - great, a fuzzy memory when you’re looking for facts) where it flips the image right-side up (oddly, Redrock came out with one recently as well…). There was also something about vignetting and focusing - something like you can have one or the other, but not both. I don’t remember it being critical - I like longer lenses anyway - but I remember putting the mag down and feeling very satisfied staying with the RedRock setup.

I don’t think one is better than the other is what I suppose I’m getting at. Just like every piece of equipment, they have their strengths and weaknesses. They’re both kind of a “this wasn’t REALLY supposed to go together, but if you slap this on this…” solution, and they both work well.

Hope this helps - good luck!
-Lew :wink:


i think then i will go with redrock micro m2 and matte box…


redrock… simply because their customer service is 100000x better. If you ever have to sell your rig, it will also give you a better resale value.

I saw a letus on CL in LA for 150 bucks last week. Most redrocks will get you a 1000 back maybe more.


If you get the micro mattebox (its worth it imo) be sure to order it seperately. It will delay your order about 4-5 extra weeks if you don’t.


yeah they are saying 60 days delay in matte box,
so thats a good point, i will order them seperately.


i’ll be getting mine around the same time as you do. I have yet to see any green screen work w/ a 35mm adapter. Do you have any interest on working w/ GS?


yes, I am a visual effects artist turns eng shooter. and in the future i will be making a tv series full of vfx, i have a blue screen already painted on a 20x20 wall and a portable green screen.i think it will be no problem with green/blue screen work due to m2 …i hope so…
i will get mine next month, because this month i am getting apple mac pro…
lets see what happens next…


that will def look insane w/ the hvx200 and a redrock.


cant wait to see it, i just ordered mattebox from redrock, and undecided for the lens adapter STILL…


Id go for a redrock rig ~
its a nice setup and yes, Brian and the rest of the redrock crew did a fantastic job and still does.
I made a small animation for one of their monitors for NAB 2008 some tool deal with Sony.
can watch it here if you like ->


hv20 RR rig with follow focus and firestore ~
I also purchased the Mattebox and a speedcrank and a micromount ~

and here is a 360 spin ->

360 spin

Things to note in general when using 35 mm adaptors are :
The quality of the lens and how fast it is DOES matter.
IF you have a slower 50mm lens like a 1.8 you will observe Portholing, this is basicly a bright center that fades to less exposed edges. If you instead offer some more gold on a 1.2 L 50mm you will see little to no portholing at all, this is because the optics are better. But by far most important, the rear glass on the lesn is much larger, Thus letting more light in.
Dont be greedy on the lenses.


Actually, I just realized I could show you how some of the frames look - check out:

Just scroll down and you’ll see our rig (granted, the images are a bit small) and some stills of the finished product. Here’s what it looks like!
Enjoy, and happy shooting-
-Lew :wink:


thanks man…
this looks good for the redrock m2,
what kind of tripod you used ,you mentioned the manfrotto, can you give some details for legs and the head, i am looking at sachtler head and miller legs.
and good short film stuff you have there.
thanks again

some good solid productions with the m2


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