Redrock micro Mattebox arrived


Cant say im sad, its sturdy, shocking price. nothing like it in that price range.


I gotta admit - that teeny little camera attached to the RedRock system is cracking me up! No - I don’t expect you to have a shoulder-mount camera hooked up to it, but I’m used to seeing generally bigger things attached - it’s just, well, CUTE!

What’s the model, and PLEASE post a still from a capture - I’m dying to see how it comes out because I’m in need of a 2nd unit camera and don’t have another $6-$8k for another JVC HD110 w/RedRock setup.

How well does it control light - manual aperture, focus, etc.? If I could use something like that for extra footage and stuff, that would be a money-saver!

Thanks in advance-
-Lew :wink:


hey Lew,

The camera is a canon hv20 shooting in 1080i 1920x1080p deinterlaced. it has a very low lum around 0,2 exelent for very low light conditions.
The images the hv20 produces are very convincing.

There are several ways to film with the hv20, you can control shutter speeds, exposure and gain + whitebalance, you have zebras for clamping.

Ive seen alot worse stuff comming form the hvx200 and the like compared to my hv20.

For shoulder mount i mod the rig ofcourse :slight_smile: that setup is extensive for shouldmount.

My opinion is that you cant afford NOT to have a hv20-30 its simply that good. You can mod a run and gun rig easily because of the size of the camera.

here are a few grabs

car images are raw dumps from the Firestore no cc.


Those are gorgeous!

Man - I’m real jazzed about getting this as a second unit camera setup!

Come to find out (now knowing that’s the HV20), one of those cameras was used for some of the footage we put together and I hated it - keep in mind, though, that this was using the on-camera light in a pitch black house to look like generic footage someone would get while walking through a haunted house. I was wondering if it would have made any difference if I had gone back and shot the footage myself (it was shot by its owner) - it was grainy as hell, drifted in and out of focus, etc., and totally turned me off to this camera.

But again - using the RedRock with my HD110 is enormous - no way to hand-hold this puppy, or to use my Ang. 25-250 lens - the whole rig comes out to around 3.5 feet!

But using it with the RedRock would be a totally different situation, I know that - and seeing these images - that’s awesome!

-Lew :wink:


thanks o/
yes i like the camera, and it preforms well.

It could be your client that shot the footage should have loaded a 300w up and lid the environment as he moved on, then just calibrate post, should have removed the grains. but oh well. sometimes we just have to work with material that is not optimal.

I can only reccomend the hv20, and it shoots super handheld only that alone as well. for some docu stuff and what else.

I do ahve to say Ive put everything on the images, but far I would do a custom setup for the shots needed, so it would be smaller if needed.

Ive had the redrock setup with m2 and the hv20 in a backpack in london…worked realy well…for those situations… /me pads the hv20 and its size


side note would be in place :
wait for the scarlet, should fit your rr rig like a baby in a basket.
then your A camera now moves to B, but leaves you with a big heavy B camera.
Funny thing is…use the scarlet as A and B haha
oh man im going to have a fun time playing with that camera with and without the rig


YES - the little RED camera coming!
Am I the only one a little miffed about it being a permanently attached lens?
Just slap on a PL mount and forget the lens - leave it up to the user, and they can make it even cheaper! (or the same - I’d pay it anyway!) That way I can use my lenses and still get the DOF I want - might even drop the RedRock…

We’ll see…

I had another question for you, but I’m blanking right now - up to my ears in jewelry photography so my mind’s a little crazy.

Oh well, maybe I’ll remember later…


haha :slight_smile: o/


Hey gkmotu, what’s the price for that setup? I’ve got the camera already. I’m wondering about the lens, lens adapter, matte box and support?

Those pics are beautiful!! I’d be thrilled to get something that good out of mine. I mean, I think they’re already gorgeous, it’s just your depth of field is fantastic!


ow price is abit up there, I live in Denmark/Europe and have to add import tax on everything.

but followfocus around $600
monitor $1000
mattebox $1000
adaptor $1200
firestore $1000
microx $450
Canon FD mount for the lenses and then good old cheap FD lenses from ebay where non of them are over $100, I got a 24mm a 50mm a 135mm a 200mm and a 80-200mm.

Then there is the noga arm $120 and cables etc.
adds up.
If you need urls to look for the items and specs just yell and i can provide em.


OK, I’m a glutton for punishment. If you wouldn’t mind throwing up some links, that’d be awesome!! Thanks so much!!



m2 + microx bundle pick a lens mount


follow focus


firestore5 i got firestore 4 pro

akg phones

Ikan v8000 HD monitor

go ebay on the lenses, i got canon FD you can go nikon etc, the m2 adaptor needs your chosen mount.


Awesome gkmotu, thanks so much for the links! Take care!


just yell if anything o/



Nice setup… Can you give a link to the footage??? I would love to see how it looks.


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