RedBot, Andrei Szasz (3D)


Title: RedBot
Name: Andrei Szasz
Country: Romania
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Here is a transformer like robot with a “small problem” on his arm.
I made the 3d modeling, texturing and rendering , and it will be used in a commercial by MTSF Partners Lisbon.
Here are the full credits :
Agency: MSFT Partners Lisbon
Creative Director: lourenço Thomaz, Susana Sequeira
Art Director: Tico Moraes
Copywriter: Rui Soares
3D illustration: Andrei Szasz
Post Production: Furia

Hope you like it , and take care …
“Bad things happen even to the finest cars. Be fully insurred.”


WOW, this is truely amazing , 5 stars :applause:


sry i dont know why it double posted


sry i dont know why it double posted


:thumbsup: it is very good work man 5 stars from me


thanks guys !
well here is the second version :


i’m curious. what part of these images are photoshop? I really like these. Especially the first one. It reminds me of Bumble Bee


LOL Andrei those are funny - especially the second one :slight_smile: Congrats on the plug :thumbsup:


haha these are GREAT! Nice work! I think the one in the sling is my favourite though… has a sense of vulnerability about him


hahaha,really funny…never thought of this :twisted:
2nd is great :thumbsup: 4 stars ****


nice mesh. good texture. beautiful render. amazing job done. super duper whopper gratz!
**** from me.


He he he :slight_smile: , excelent concept, and superb realization, love the lighting and the color palette ! 5 Star from me! :thumbsup:




Nice execution on your model and your render. If you’re trying to be funny with it by putting the sling and cast on it then you did good. But truly a transformer would never have such a thing… It is not an organic character and there for has no bones to heel. So, funny, but not really that smart a concept…sorry

beautiful renders no question.


love the concept! great execution! love it! 5 stars!


great idea mate :slight_smile:
Felicitari :wink:


As a transformer that has had such injuries in the past, I can tell you that i if they don’t stabilize that arm, it’s just going to get much worse. Depending on your energy level and the severity of the damage, it can take a while for your self-repair systems to do thier work.


lol xDDD

Well… man… crazy pics… so funnies and very wel executed. My congrats for your plug. Hope to see this soon in the choice gallery =)

All the best


Cool work I love inovative idea with crash robot cool job. Superb texture.:thumbsup:


Looks good, nice details and great renders!

I’d have to agree with Quantum though, seems a bit weird for a robot to be in a sling. Going by your description I’m guessing this was for an advert, so in that sense it works well.


Lol! thats awesome! Great work on lighting and texturing. Those poses are so funny. Very creative stuff! :thumbsup: