Red Riding Hood, Nick Deligaris (2D)


Title: Red Riding Hood
Name: Nick Deligaris
Country: Greece
Software: Photoshop

…Battlemage version. I started this as a pinup, but it ended up being a full illustration.

Painted in Photoshop.

Thanks for viewing!


Absolutely Masterpiece!
perfect details, lighting, composition and idea.

Congrats Nick you deserves something more than front page!


Interesting. I love the weapon, and your lighting is very well done. Her proportions are a little awkward. I appreciate the bulk given for the armor, but the hips and waist look a little off (too thick & not properly joined). I think the wolf looks cute, but it can be a little hard to tell that he’s dead (looks more like sleeping or subdued, like he’s with her instead of a foe, which would work well for me anyway). Nice flare and texture to the little spark she’s conjuring, and I like what you did with her hair. She almost looks like a blood elf from WoW. Nice work with the minimal background, and it still sets the scene. Good atmosphere and expression. Keep it up. Great job.


Χαιρετισμούς, φίλε μου!
Another excellent work, another masterpiece! Congratulations! I do not know what is going on with this site, that even artwork of the high quality remains with only a couple of comments… I hope this one gets much more because it deserves them. I definitely do not mind that the main figure has got slightly non-standard proportions, it is imho yet another factor that makes this illustration stand out with striking realism.
A very good composition and colour palette and also good work on the background in order to let it tells its part of the story without being distractive!


Yes!! agree with Mari!! This is very great work !! Cheers


This is one of my favoutites lately! I liked the way you renderd the image and the way you depict the characters. Great style!


Very good lighting and atmosphere, good work! :thumbsup:


Thank you very much everyone!! :slight_smile:


Good job on the color choice and contrast. Fun this battlemage version of the Red Riding Hood :smiley:


Amazing piece, characters are so beautiful… but I wish you took more time to upres those trees, they just don’t look so good compared to rest of the scene.


Amazing artwork, congrats! The composition, the colours palette, the attention to detail is remarkable.Truly wonder why so few comments for this work. I’ve seen front page pieces far less impressive than this.


Oh God what an beaty, both in art and in female :slight_smile:

This is the style I adore most and would like to master so I produce similar godlike stuff :smiley:

I wonder can you go any better :smiley: haha


This is very nice for sure. I do agree this is front page stuff. There are definitely a few pieces that are definitely below this quality that I just saw a few minutes ago.

I’m sure your next piece could make it if you put the same or more effort into it.


This is definitely front page stuff, and you are right, there are illustrations on front page that don’t even deserve to be there… but this is what happens if you give power to 1-2 guys deciding what deserves some publicity and what doesn’t, everything becomes very subjective.

Well, I hope you get to frontpage, because you deserve it.


Agree with you guys,
Nick recently nominated for Emmy award.
Here he never got Cg choice award! And I never saw his work front page.
It’s unfair.


very nice mood and details cool sexy red


Superb lighting!
Excellent composition!
Zuperb colouring!

nice man!

(και δικος μας!!! :cool: )


Amazing concept + perfect exection = Beautiful Artwork

I like ur idea, very much! ^^


Great lighting, colors and mood. Congrats ! :thumbsup:


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