Red/pink parts of mesh?



I was wondering if anyone knows why my mesh has these parts that are pink/red? Tried searching for what it could be but not having any luck.

Thanks in advance!


It’s either your color or material information. So go into zplugin - subtool - Fill. Hopefully that takes care of it.


Do you have Duplicated subtools, 2 of the same meshes?
there is a SOLO button , look on the bottom right of the UI


I didn’t think it was color or material, but I tried the Zplugin > Subtool > Fill … it didn’t help.

Don’t have two subtools, just this one (also hit the Solo button anyway, just in case, and confirmed this).

In case this helps for any ideas … I had sliced off the inner side to create a flat cut on the inside; then when I closed the hole, the closed hole had this pink/red thing on it (pic attached). After I hit “MeshIntegrity > Fix Mexh”, it changed from that added closed hole being pink/red to the first pics I posted, i.e., it being pink/red in these other parts including the forearm.

I just tried slicing off that inside again (had a version with just the original, inside part that was pink/red, the part to close the hole) and closed the hole again. This time it closed it without adding any pink/red part. So I’ll work with this mesh. But if anyone has an idea/answer, I’ll be curious to hear what was going on.


If your mesh has thickness, you may need to thicken it more on teh inside.


i did a test with thickness and close hole and got the same problem.
you really dont need thickness and if you do wait till the end when your done modeling or editing the mesh


Thanks for the input re thickness. That’s not something I’m familiar with yet, so didn’t think I’d turned it on; but obviously I must’ve done something with it without realizing it. I’ll look into it and appreciate the heads up on it!