Red Opium, Olivier Ponsonnet (3D)




nice work, this is quality. :twisted:


I’m speechless. It’s so nice :slight_smile:


A female vampire like that can bite me anytime she wants :smiley:
Really cool piece of work! Thanks for sharing


Excelent work, I take off my hat…:thumbsup:


I definitely think front page. It seems like a painting which is quite a feat indeed.


Excelent work!


Great work



oh u just know i appreciate this one!!! 5 stars!!!


cool render and lightning congrads nothing to crit…:thumbsup:

let us see the topology


As usual … you’ve done such a good job. I especially like the mood of your image and the color tone. I guess the next step would be to make her come to life :p. Wouldn’t that be great if you animate her ?


I`m not particulary fond of vampires or dark pics but this one even if it has the sence of brutality and animality of the beast it also has some sence of poethics and elegancy…i dont know, it just kinda strikes your first impressions…nice one my son! nice one:thumbsup:



La texture est vraiment superbe ainsi que l’éclairage.

Du bon boulot comme d’hab:thumbsup:


simply badass


My God! Your work are always so beautiful! You put life and expressions in your renders like no one else. Top notch work, you are inspiring lots of people, keep it up! 4 Stars!


Congratulations, i always loved your style.Great atmosphere and character.No crits at all.


Thanks for you comments guys :slight_smile:
Here is the wire:


Very nice work, Olivier. As usual, great style. :thumbsup:


That’s very beutiful work, as usual. You have such a good feel for colour and composition.


ah the french, the french… these guys know how to picture the women… 5 stars dude!!!