Red Hologram (like resident evil retribution)


I am trying to create a hologram similar to the following:


I have looked at various hologram tutorials online and I have not found anything that give me the effect I am look for.


You’re link was broken, perhaps that’s why you didn’t get any responses, and you may have already figured this out. Sorry for the late response. Here’s the corrected link btw.

As for the effect, it looks like any other “hologram” effect to me, the only additional thing you would need to do is color your footage to the red, pushing contrast and curves to really push highlights and dark areas down and tint the footage red, then simply bringing that in to AE and doing the “effect”. If you’re looking for a way to do the effect towards the beginning of the shot, where there’ appears to be a cross section that reveals the logo, that will take some extra work, and more though, but definitely doable in AE as well, masks would be my first attempt, it’s not actually following the “terrain” of the head, or it doesn’t look like it to me, it looks simlpky like a mask that has a “shape” to emulate the terrain effect, that simply reveals one thing over the other.