Red Dreams, Yasin COSKUN (2D)


Title: Red Dreams
Name: Yasin COSKUN
Country: Turkey
Software: Painter

Hi! I painted this image in Painter IX using Wacom I2.

Thanks for viewing and comments are most welcome!

Red Dreams Mini w.i.p >


a very nice artwork yasin! Did you use some reference (e.g. from or similar or is it a fruit of imagination?


Love the style, too! Now, if only the dream will come true.



Lovely brushes and texture. I really like it!
5 stars from me! :slight_smile:


I like that appearance of traditional painting it has. Nice brush strokes and colors very vibrant. Cheers


[b]Thanks for the comments! Glad you like it!

I added a mini w.i.p. for some questions. [/b]Red Dreams Mini w.i.p >
Thanks again.


I like the color palette and brushstrokes very much! Very nice work :slight_smile:


Wonderful color and brushstrokes.
Very nice work! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, Dianae and hudro.


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