Red Cloud - Low Polygon, Sung-wha Jung (3D)


Could u show a wireframe and a texture layout?
Sure can learn a lot from these.


very nice, i too would love to see a wire frame, maybe a close up of the face too. again nice work.


pleeeeeease - show us some more pics - its not very often i love a pic so much that i really want to see more. Just having 1 pic of this is a damn shame


i agree Andy H, can we please see some more pics, maybe some wireframes or maps

thanks loads


We are begging you to see the wire and unwrap! Plz… :cry: :banghead:


This is so great!!! This is one of the best model I’ve seen in this year.:applause:

By the way the link works for the Netscape but not for the IE why?

Anyway excellent texture work and modeling:thumbsup:


Texture & UV (edit link)


Thanks :thumbsup:
Do you have any more pics of the character in different poses, or in the default pose you rigged her in?
The more the better!


there are korean guys who tear a lot !
(don’t know the right word but I just want to say that it is amazing !) :applause:


Wow…I can´t stop looking at her! She is sooo cute!:love:And beside that she looks though too! Great work! Would like to see some more renders of her!


I agree with Andy H on this one, 4 stars from me, this is not average stuff obviously.
Everything rocks, from the style to the design itself.


very cool !!!
plz show us some more pics !


very cool !!!
please - show us some more pics.


wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow
thats amazing, id love to see her in action, nice too see a female acually wearing armour yet still showing a lil skin


Man the armor rocks dude. Nice! Seeing her in action would be sweet.


:thumbsup: I like you texting.I want to study low polygon modeling.
And keep going this works.


it looks like a squaresoft design , good job!


great stuff, any chance for a wireframe? love to see how the topology was put together


Very nice work. The UV map is really clean and precise. GREAT details in the armor. Looks really good on the 512. The work I do is restricted to 1 - 256 map per character. This image is a great example of how much a larger texture space can help.


wow! this is fantastic. I love the model- she’s hot. concept is great and texture. good job