Red Cloud - Low Polygon, Sung-wha Jung (3D)


Title: Red Cloud - Low Polygon
Name: Sung-wha Jung
Country: Korea (South)
Software: 3ds max

This character name is “Red Cloud”

-Faces : 3155
-Texture : Character- 5125122
3DS MAX6, Photoshop7


whoa, thats freakin great! the armor and fabric designs rock, killer stuff.

her flesh on her torso seems kinda sloppy though, it doesnt have the silky painting quality as the rest of the texture. I’m mainly seeing it around the breast, and a little bit down onto her stomach. It shouldnt take much to tweak that out, its the only glaring thing i can see.

would you mind posting the texture flat?


Amazing work! Nice concept and texturing. Post some wire please.


Outstanding work! I absoloutely love the design and colours.
Id say that the only thing from making it look perfect is the skin texture on her torso - particularily around her breasts - it looks very painted and rough, which seems odd because you painted the maps so well elsewhere - especially on the face.
Fantastic work though - do you have any more pics or any other work to show? id love to see em.


She look’s great!
It’s really impressive how you can get such a character with just the right number of polys.
I love the way she’s looking to us! :slight_smile:
Just wondering about the length of her fingers…
Anyway; needs some stars!!!


i love it, can we please see some wires and maps, and can u tell us about the rig

thanks loads

can’t wait to see your next one



the whole map is okay,she’s supposed to look like a painting.It like paintings in an asian comic.But then again it would’nt hurt to fix that breast and belly:)


great work , is this a game model ?!
she looks cool ~ I really like this style !


WOW! Ten thumbs up!! Is this for the same game (assuming it’s a game) as the character dave?


Its really great, so much attention to detail.


Awesome character design and texturing! Really fantastic work.


texture and UV


Textures and UV


This is stunning work. Considering the low poly count, this model is exceptionally good. The hair is very impressive. The texture work is perfect. I have no criticism for this work. I am totally awed by it.

Is this model for a game? Seems like a perfect fit for some game out there.


:cry: Noooo!
The link isnt working properly - fix it, and post loaaaads of pics - the more the better.
This is the best games model ive seen in months and id love to see more of it!


Amazing work, definitely front page material imo.


Another kick-ass model from you. I don’t know what they are eating in Korea to breed such amazing cg artists, but I gotta get some of it.



hei,really really cool,pretty modeling and i love the texture especially the cloth pattern and colour… :thumbsup: really make me admire… :bounce:


wonderful work!!

I like it! and good design.


Thanks to everyone!