Red Bot, Jerónimo Cabezas (3D)


Title: Red Bot
Name: Jerónimo Cabezas
Country: Espana
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop

A little bot I made in my spare time …I used vertex color for texturing the body … its very usefull tool … hope you like it …
Next step it will be animating … I’ll post it in the animation thread …
Good luck!


i like it a lot… i see an interesting character in the head/face… i see a look of question.
nice work!


I like the body alot- looks really well made and proportioned, and funny. the only thing I’d suggest is a little more character and detail in the head/neck. otherwise great stuff


This is great.


It looks great. Love to see wires.


concept and model are great, and the textures to, but the materials are to glossy (to bright ):shrug:

keep it up :thumbsup:


Hey people, thanks alot for the feedback! … I’ll post some wires as soon as I can …

Good luck!


don’t know why this only has two stars. I have it three, and I would give it four if the environment were more interesting. The robot has a great style and design, and the texturing is very cool. I’d love to see it move!



Nice one emonimo;)
I’d suggest maybe adding some slightly rough bump details in all the grey areas of his paintwork to add to the ‘worn’ look you’ve got going…
He should be tonnes o fun to animate…


Nice concept and good modeling. I really like this guy, looking forward to seeing him rigged and animated.


cool !
nice design ~


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