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[b]Project name: Sky-Terror

Project description:
Sky-Terror is a modern online First Person Shooter based in Canada & USA, our development team is currently working on a Counter Terrorism shooter thats like Counter-Strike Source to Rainbow Six 3. We have a well talented team working as a (Collaborative Team) to achieve our goal.
Target aim:
Valco Studios goal is to allow talented people in all areas to gain experience working with a development team, we have a publisher under our belt waitting for us to finish up our game product to get ready for releasse.
Valco Studios is offering a % of our game profits to all members of Valco and their name in the creadits. You will also get a hoody or mug with our company name and logo, that’s what we have to offer to anyone that is part of our development team.
Valco Studios accepts 3D Max, Maya, Photoshop CS, and so on.

Required Talent:
Every member should have good talent to join our team that would be a big plus.

Current Infrastructure:
Valco Studios has 10 members at the moment. We have been together for about 3 years we are still looking for around 10 more people.

Website URL:
www.sky-terror.com (Coming soon)

Contact Info:
E-mail: ted@Valcosoftware.com not yet active.
e-mail me at Convert_Studios@hotmail.com instead.
Final Pitch:
If you love First Person Shooters this project is for you. All of us are every dedicated and want to see our team become great developers in Valco. If you’re willing to help us out you will get a great profit to our company at the end we promiss that on our behalf.
[color=black](Valco Studios Recruiting)[/color]
[color=gray]Concept Level Design: We are looking for someone that can draw map layouts from a birds eye view. If you think you have the skills to design bird eye view maps this opening is open for the right person.[/color]

Sound Designer: We are looking for a skilled sound design to create realistic weapon effects grenade effects and environment weather conditions. If you think you’re a good sound designer for us this project is waitting for the right person.

Software Developer: Valco Studios is looking for a Software Developer to build us a mapping tool for our talented mappers. If you think you would be a big help e-mail me at the above active account.

Animator: We are looking for a talented animator to create animations for our characters and weapons. If you think you would be good for this area e-mail my above e-mail.

Webmaster: Valco Studios is looking for a Co-Leader his requirements will be designing a website for Valco hosting it and incharge of everything on the website. One of the benfits I am giving to the person as the webmaster will be Co-Leader that means you will be handling matters, timelines, etc… If you think you would want to be my Co-Leader e-mail at the above e-mail.

Valco Studios
Project Leader “Clancy”


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