recreating my real-world acrylic technique?



ok, this is a second attempt at posting, so my apologies if the other thread shows up.

Basically, I’m re-new to painter (last was v4) and I’m digging the IX demo while waiting for my box to show up.

After some initial goofing around, I tried to replicate a technique I use with acrylics. As an example, for a sky, maybe I spray my base with water, put down some light blue and quickly blend it down to the horizon. While still wet (not too wet) I splotch some little white areas, then with a big flat brush blend back and forth to get some nice atmosphere going. Once dry I build up solid cloud mass.

Or, I might let the sky gradient dry and then go with a really dry white brush, and scrub in clouds.

(the sky has since been massively reworked…)

I can’t seem do do these things, though I’ve only really just begun with IX.

Any help appreciated!



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