Recovering old license?


I contacted support about a week ago but have had no reply. I used to use Silo years ago, from first release I think! I’d like to start using it again but can’t find any record of my license. Any idea if an old license would still be valid and if Nevercenter would be able to recover it? I haven’t used it in 10 years or more.


Surprised you have not had a reply, they usually respond fairly quickly. Maybe give your junk mail a check to see if its not in there. If you have any archived emails from that time it might be worth checking to see if your license is there.

If you have a license for Silo 2.0 you can still use it for any 2.x version

To use the current version you would need to upgrade you license once you get hold of it.


Thanks for the info, no nothing in the junk mail folder. I haven’t used it in years so I probably had version 1, it’s possible I have my old license info backed up somewhere, problem is finding it lol!