Reconstruct subdivisions canceled


Hi everyone,

First, i’d like to apologize if my english is not perfect.

Now, I’m comming to you because I have a problem to reconstruct my subdivisions on a zremeshed subtool, the soft said the operation was canceled without knowing why.
I need to reconstruct the subdivision of this subtool because it has already a good definition and i don’t want to divide it to mutch, but I need to have 6 subdivisions on it because i need to merge it with a bigger subtool which contain 6 subdivision level.
I realized that if i don’t subdivide it 6 times, when I merge it with the other subtool, the subdivisions align itself on the lower res of the subtools. Which is problematic if i want to rework on my object…

I would be greatful if you have any purpose or solution to solve my problem, hoping it’s clear enough.

Thanks !


what version of zbrush are you using?


I’m working on 4R6 for now .


Recontruct tends to not work when You dont have all QUADS. It doesnt know how to break it down to a lower geometry since it has nGons and/or possibly triangles. In that case if you know where the topology is messing up, you can export that geometry out and fix it manually by redirecting some of your edges. If not, the other way is to zremesh and reproject it back on.


i dont think this works for 4r8 but you can try this


The thing is that my subtool has no triangles, it has been Zremesh and everything is ok…
For now I think I will have no choice but to zremesh and reproject my subtools as I don’t have much time. I’ll take a look to the script once I finished this project and I’ll probably move to the 4R8 soon anyway.

Thanks for your help !


thats what the link above will do for you