Reconstruct of Millan Cathedral


Hello Friends;

I am Mohammad Saatchi, Freelancer 3D Artist and Web Programmer. I’m writer of “Making Schwerin Theater” book. Sometimes I going to do some big self challenge. My past project was “Reconstruct Schwerin Theater” that done on 2007. Now after long time I want start my new project that’s “3D Reconstruct of Milan Cathedral”. In this project I will reconstruct that famous and beautiful building without using measure and texture. All will done by eyes and box!

I will work with 3ds max 2013.

You can follow the project in the facebook from here.


I want start from main door, from this part:


no description…


Next one… Please attend that for my limited time and size of the project, I need to ignore high details.


hello friends. wait for new updates this week.


Wow very ambitious project. Are you doing interior and exterior? I am very curious to see those updates. Nice work so far, very interested in how this one is going to turn out.


Just Exterior. I think it get enough time! Thanks for your looking. Update is in the way :slight_smile:


Foot and hand added.


You can follow this project in the facebook’s page also:


Say hello to the next status:


Number 3 is ready…


nice work so far



the Status 4 and 5 are here:


I will not try to make all of details (for control speed and polygons count) and also I try to increase my speed. For this, Each time I become more familiar with the project and then make some changes in my modeling way and details level.

Here is the status number 6:


Quite a huge undertaking. Could you post a photo at the beginning of each section so we can see your reference. I.E. the main door that you are modeling can you post your reference?


of course. it’s the main door image:

and it’s my reference:


Wow, how much time per day are you devoting to this project? This door alone looks like several weeks, if not, months to complete. Go for it – I’ll be following this thread!


I would say you are crazy if the modelling so far didn’t look so good. Look forward to updates, i love projects like this!


Hey man,

Great work so far! Any chance we could see some larger renders?

I really look forward to seeing your progress on this. Keep us posted!



between 2 to 4 hours. But I will increase this time. I hope finish it faster because there are many works to do :cool:

But I’m glad with it. Please attend I will not try to make objects exactly similar for control project time and polygons count. Also in each level I will go back and make needed changes in details to make better result. So be patient and thanks for following :thumbsup:

Of course, When I finish each part, I will post large render. Thank you for following AJ.

After amount one Week, I’m in the good way as I think and now, Know that how much work on details and how work on the models for better result and lower polygons. So now I will going to make heads. When I finish this part, I will work on material and make needed changes in the models. I’m so interest to see what will going. How about you?! :cool: