Recommended external renderers?



New Silo user.

I’m interested in doing some nice render work with scenes set up and lit in Silo. I know Milo is a real-time renderer, which is cool to have. But I’m also interested in something that can do good still images, and I see there’s the option to set up an external one.

Are there recommendations for one that works well with Silo? Octane, or PoVRay, or something like that?

Thank you.


I don’t think this is a feature that sees a great deal of use these days - in fact it took me a while to locate it in the menus :]

Many years ago I used it with PoV and 3Delight with some success but ultimately it makes more sense, at least to me, to set up lighting in XSI or Blender and of course render directly in those.

I guess any renderer that can be started and instructed from a CLI and supports the file formats should work. Give some a try and let us know how you go on :]


I use DAZ Studio with Iray which is free and I find it a very good renderer. I also have e-onsoftware’s Vue which is a little pricey .


I have DAZ3D installed. Iray is quite nice looking. Also have Poser12 which basically has “Cycles-Lite” for a renderer. I could just as well use Blender and get the more complete Cycles experience for that.

I was looking into an option that I could do direct renders to without having to export/import scenes between different software.


RIB-export/Render External in Silo doesn’t support Pixar’s RenderMan 24.x RIS/XPU (RIS only from 21 onwards). Silo only seems to support PRMan up to 20 (Reyes/RIS).
However, with a commercial license of RenderMan, you can download older versions that are compatible with Silo 2021 such as PRMan 20.12. Using prman.exe, the Render External Command-line Options is:
-d it RenderScene.rib
3Delight NSI also removed Reyes/RSL support. The last version of 3Delight that works with Silo 2021 is 12.5.9 but that requires a subscription to be able to download legacy versions of 3Delight.


Marmoset Toolbag 4 is an option as well.