Recommended Books for CG Artists.


Hey guys,

was just wondering if anyone had any great book recommendations for anything from practical CG textbooks to philosophy. Anything that inspires and teaches.

All the best



Masson, Terrence. CG 101: A Computer Graphics Industry Reference. Williamstown, MA: Digital Fauxtography, 2007.


Have you had a chance to look in the sticky thread? There are some book recommendations in there.

Outside of art instruction, there are tons of amazing books out there, and because creativity and your entire existence is directly connected, it’s too broad to recommend anything other than what each individual finds inspiring.

For me personally, because storytelling is the heart and soul of my creativity, I have books on storytelling and narrative fiction that are extremely useful and inspiring, but they may not interest you in the same way unless you have a passion for storytelling in your creative works.

I also have excellent books on photography, sculpture, architecture, and if you’re also a musician, I have books on music composition, audio production…etc that may be of interest to you.

You really do have to narrow down what you’re truly interested in for us to give you useful recommendations.


Whinnie the Pooh and Tigger Too! Seriousness: I like art books from movies or expose etc because they inspire. If you want instructional there is no better place to look than to study nature itself since it is what everyone imitates. If you want technical instructional though you have to decide what area you need it in such as lighting, anatomy and so on.

Lighting: Personally I think Scott Robertson is the best person to teach it that I have come across though it is a DVD not book

Anatomy: Robert will tell you Andrew Loomis which is great but you have to learn how to use the book as well. After you learn the basics you should head to life drawing there is simply none other to fine tune your anatomy skills than drawing from live models.

Perspective: A very easy subject so it doesn’t matter where you learn this one I guess but Scott Robertson covers this one too.

I like imagineFX they keep me up to date with the industry and tips hints for digital art. There is also 2dArtist Mag which is digital magazine quite cheap monthly, not bad but not as good as Imagine FX imo.


take a look at A_Book from M dot Strange, I think he released it free


Your request is very generic frank3, especially because inspiration is fairly intangible. One person might see a moldy orange in the trash and think “that has textures and colors I could use to create an interesting creature skin” while someone else just figures it’s trash. I do like seeing that you have an interest in learning and discovering more, constantly I am adding books to my shelves to find and discover new ways of doing things or finding inspiration from others projects. The digital art masters series is a personal favorite of mine because you can see splendid art along with some back story and workflow. Lately I have been reading through “The Art Spirit” by Robert Henri which has been great for me though it applies more to traditional art, there are still ideas that easily transfer to CG.


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