Recommendation :Best University?


hi all…
this is my first thread and i really need your help.:scream:
i’m currently looking for the best University to continue my studies in 3d animation/visual effects.(Degree/Masters)
Where is the best University for 3d Animation/Visual Effects?:thumbsup: in the US?Canada?Russia?Australia?..anywhere in this world.plz help.
what do you recommend?

*thanks is advance



Originally posted by E=mc²
[Blah, blah, blah…]Your diploma is more importent then the quality of the school :shrug:

I have to disagree there, my friend.

If you ran a law firm which person would you hire?

Lawyer w/ degree from The Lawyer Institute of <insert city name>

Lawyer w/ degree from Harvard



Heh, that lawyer example is a poor one because, sadly, law firms do indeed hire solely upon where you went to school quite often. However, though I don’t work in the industry as of yet and am still a student myself, it seems from interviews and the general consensus that a diploma is a good thing to have but not necessary. A really good reel is first and foremost and a diploma only serves to prove your dedication to the field. As for good schools, go to or and see what schools they have listed. They are all good but as for ones I know seem to be good are:
-All the work I’ve seen on this site from Vancouver Film School is exemplary, judging by that I’d guess their program is great.
-SCAD, RIT, Ringling are all listed on the big company’s sites, and are good schools. I go to RIT, though if I had to do it over again I would go elsewhere.
-CalArts. Apply here above anywhere else. It has a fast-track into Hollywood (assuming that’s what you want, which maybe it isn’t). It’s also very hard to get into, I didn’t even know about it till my Sophomore year :frowning:
-Gnomon. I hear its great, its not a diploma but if that doesn’t concern you it’s probably a great choice to look into.

The Art Institute schools spread out around the country are not good and Full Sail which advertises in lots of magazines I have not seen anything good from, I’d stay away from these.

Hope all this helps.


That answer is obvious but that’s not what your statement is implying. I am simply arguing the point of two diplomas from two different calibres of schools. I agree the lawyer example wasn’t the best hypothesis but what I’m getting at is:

The choices can be as follows then:

-Diploma holder from school ‘A’ (lesser known school)

-Diploma holder from school ‘B’ (well-renowned school)

-Person with no diploma but has umpteen years of experience/talent

-Person with really no experience but knows someone on the ‘inside’ (I’ve included this scenario because it happens a lot):wink:



I just have to ask why you say AI’s suck? Honestly, you can’t say that thier Visual Effects and Motion Graphics courses such, because they don’t have any graduation information from that program yet.

Also, I want to re-enforce the first question here, where and what are the best schools for Visual Effects?


In general, it’s really you as an artist that matters, not the school. I’ve seen the smaller schools have awesome artists, and supposedly great schools come out with terrible stuff.

I paid the bucks for a private art school (graduated last year), but got some of the lamest/worst professors I could imagine – profs not knowing the programs (learning while teaching) or just shouldn’t be teaching because of attitude, or other quirks.

Most any school listed on the sites mentioned above would be good, beyond that it’s all personal preference. Just remember that more $ doesn’t always mean better education.

In the end, it’s the demo reel that really matters, IMHO.


I say that the Art Institutes are not good (I did not use the word “suck”) because I have some experience with them. I took a summer course from the Art Institute of Illinois (not to be confused with the Art Institute of Chicago which is not part of the Art Institute family) 3 years ago. I went to this program with a friend and we expected to learn a little about animation and 3D. Instead, we spent 10 days being told why we should come to the Art Institute and paid $500 for this “priviledge.” Not only this, but the work we were shown as examples of student work, work I have seen on the net, and work I have seen in their advertisements is not impressive in the least. In fact, using 3DSMax for approximately 1 hour (never before having used it in my life) I was able to produce a better model than some of the projects they showed our group (which I would assume were examples of the better students).

I am permanently soured on the Art Institutes from this experience and have seen nothing since this experience to make me sway my opinion in the least.

Of course, like stated above, it’s the artist that counts. I’m sure there are good artists to go to and come out of the Art Institutes, but that would be overcoming adversity in my opinion.

As for paying lots of money to go to a private school with teachers that don’t know all that much… yeah I can sympathize seeing as I have the same deal sometimes. That’s why places such as CalArts and Gnomon seem to be such good choices.


Ah, I see.

The only reason I took concern to the matter is I’m at the end of my first quarter at AI Phoenix, and so far, all my instructors have experiance in what they teach. Its crazy. I hope I didn’t offend you, and i certainly didn’t hope to undermine your credability.

Anyone know of a VEMG school near Seattle???



but that still does not answer my question…Where is the best University for 3d Animation/Visual Effects?
are there any places(University) near your place that you would like to recommend?:rolleyes:
i’ve been using 3d max…but i would like to find a University that teaches Maya…(any related FX software):love:


Originally posted by E=mc²
[B]. After finishing your school they give you a valid diploma and not a unofficial diplomas like fiew school…

As for sheridan school… Pff…lol its a waste for time… you dont graduate ! :scream: “no doploma”

I realy dont understand why peoples always say that sheridan is the best school… :shrug: Your diploma is more importent then the quality of the school :shrug: [/B]

official and un-official diplomas? sheridan a waste of time? diploma is more important then quality of school? haha e=mc2 you have no idea what you are talking about , first off , official diplomas vs unoficial? so theres a standard now that i wasnt aware of in diplomas? second sheridan is a great school , i dont know what your basing your statements on , since you have no ground to stand on , since you have never been there yourself.Your in toronto? hey its probably the best school in toronto , and they dont just take anyone , saying this , is that why you have a grudge agaisnt sheridan , im sure you can phone the dean and have them revise your portfolio , :scream:
and you said that a diploma is more important then the quality of school , WRONG yet again , its just a piece of paper saying you passed and gradded , so if the quality of the school is better , then you will be able to achieve beter results which will lead you to get a job and produce good work, sorry thats a big harsh , but its sad to see that people dont put any thought into what they say , ,…THINK! :surprised points to your head

(this is from the pixar website)

hey look SHERIDAN is on that list!!@!@…


Go to the United States Naval Academy:thumbsup:


Talent, skill, and a good demo reel are, from what I understand, the most important factors in the industry.

Sheridan is a great school. a Diploma from a bad school over no degree from a good school? Are you on crack E=MC2? No offence, but how does that even remotely make sense.



no one cares where you went to school, what you went to school for, how long you were there, or how good you think you are because you went.

All that matters is the first 30 seconds of tape…that’s it…you can’t buy that, and a degree won’t magically get you a job. Without the first 30 seconds of killer stuff, your resume won’t even be looked at.

If you make it through the first 30 seconds…good luck, cuz there’s gonna be several people competing for the job. What’s next on the list of qualifiers? Those with experience. Feature film, or games (respectively). Chances are, if you don’t have the experience, you won’t get the job.

Once you make it past that point, it’s all a matter of personality. Do you get along with us? Does this guy fit in? Is he full of himself, or will he work his ass off? The decision is usually made within the first 5 minutes of an in-person interview…you’ve got that long to impress them.

If you make it through the first five minutes, and they’re still interested, you have the job. Sounds like fun doesn’t it! :slight_smile:

Seriously, it’s tough, but once you get a job, you realize it’s worth it.

So how do you learn? Either teach yourself, or choose a school that fits your goals. All you really need are the books, some helpful instructors, online forums, and lots and lots of practice. Personally, I needed to be surrounded 24/7 by people who also wanted to learn and access to facilities where I could spend my offtime working on my own stuff. Some artistic talent to boot will help.

Find a school that teaches Maya, has open labs, and will allow you to work at your pace. The best university is the one that’s just right for you.





I think that you would be doing yourself a big favor by considering classes in computer science as well as traditional art. Unless you plan on specifically becoming an ‘animator’, I wouldn’t even bother with an ‘animation’ program. In fact, depending on what your goals are, a degree may not be important at all. especially for pure ‘artistic’ jobs. And if you get a job, the ability to teacvh yourself will be critical. So the sooner you become adjusted to self learning the better off you will be.

From what I’ve seen, vfx and rigging positions usually benefit from math, physics and computer science backgrounds coupled with art. but I think these positions have a tendency to involve more technical problem solving.

Modeling, lighting and texturing really benefit from traditional art, design, color theory, drawing and sculpture courses. basically traditional art stuff.

Animators would definitely benefit from animation, acting, performance, theater with supplementary computer science courses.

As everyone says, in the film/games industry its the demo reel that will really count. Degrees don’t count for much… However, if you ever get burnt out and want to go into traditional graphic design or something working a steady job with security (ie for an established corporation), that degree will become VERY useful. In fact, I think it becomes a major weeding tool. So you might want to be thinking more long term than just the next 10 years.

As far as universities go, if you’re gonna pursue the education I think you’ll get more mileage out of taking traditional majors over the expense animation programs. The school name only will take you so far tho. In the end, its what you got out of it and that will be evident from your work, not from the University name or your GPA


Originally posted by WhiteRabbit.obj
I say that the Art Institutes are not good (I did not use the word “suck”) because I have some experience with them. I took a summer course from the Art Institute of Illinois (not to be confused with the Art Institute of Chicago which is not part of the Art Institute family) 3 years ago.

Little heads up there, bud…

The “Illinois Institute of Art: Chicago” is indeed part of the Art Institute Family… I believe that AI has owned them for atleast 5 years.


Originally posted by Sonryu
[B]Little heads up there, bud…

The “Illinois Institute of Art: Chicago” is indeed part of the Art Institute Family… I believe that AI has owned them for atleast 5 years. [/B]

I think he meant that the “Illinois Institute of Art” is not part of the “School of the Art Institute of Chicago”. He’s talking about that big art museum.


do you know the go-academy??? it is in malaysia and their diploma course computing teaches Char animation and visual effects!!!

I really consider going to this school although I’m not from Malaysia!!!
Anyone know that school???


PiXaR University :wink:


what is the pixar university???


think twice and you’ll know :wink: