Recommend any skinning plugins for maya 2014/15?


Maya’s skinning tools seem a bit lackluster. I know you can get great results but i got to wondering if their were any tools that help the process? Ive tried ngtools but that crashes maya 2015 when you try to save.

Any recommendations? Preferable compatibility with 2014 and/or 2015


Im also wondering if theres a point to keeping weight normalization on? One screw up and all of a sudden you’re playing wack a mole with weights… very frustrating. I now its something to learn but it feels like its more difficult than it has to be. Then again i thought that with zbrush and now im awesome at it… then again zbrush is an entire program and this is one piece of maya.


have a look to ngSkinTools for maya, here:

is amazing


Metamesh is correct.


Ive actually tried that prior to asking (i forgot to put it). ngSkinTools crashes maya when i try to save. Lost around 3 hours of progress because of it.


I’ve heard of some troubles when using the layers features in ngskintool. I only use it for the relax button and it’s all I need. My method is to flood the vertices on the corresponding joints with 0 and 1 values only. Then I use the relax button where I need to, and adjust the details by painting manually.


So anything besides ngskin tools? Im honestly surprised the market isnt flooded with skinning helpers.

I love the entire process of modelings to animating but weight painting is by far the most tedious of the entire process.