recognize human modelling







        update the image 
        i would like to make the a human face that can be recognized like the reference photo, but i really can't figure out the problems.
        i have already spent too much time in doing it by myself, but i really can't make it better. i know there are many experts here so i would like to ask for help. i am really frustrated. so please have a look and give me some suggestions.
        i make it using 3 area light with draft FG in mental ray
        skin is SSS
  edit the post to draw some attention

i recommend right click-> view image (firefox) to enlarge the photo if u need


Sorry I cant help you but just wanted to say your doing a good job , keep at it :slight_smile:


a better skin shader will make a big difference… but I am not good at that so i cant really comment on that department

I can point out some of the things on the geo you can fix tho:

  1. the distance between her eyes maybe a little bit too far

  2. her nose is a big too big

  3. her jawbone maybe a bit too wide and too low.

try to fix those first and see how it will look :smiley:


anyway thanks for your comment


thx for your comments
the skin i used very simple texture

for the geometry, i don’t know what should i follow
i used several reference planes and make it , the eye distance is correct in the viewport , but i quite agree with u that is a bit far away after rendering. the nose is the same reason

and her jawbone , this image may be better since it is a bit closer than the same horzizontal eye level


Erika Toda!!!

I do a quick paintover to illustrate my point. Hope you do not mind.

Concentrate the work on the mouth & nose. The nose doesn’t get sharper as it goes upwards, in fact it gets more "gradual & disappear toward the “T”. This is more apparent on softer Asian feature. Work on the nostril area as well.

Eyes need to sink in a bit, near the “T”.

Mouth lack depth, especially at both ends. See the soft dark areas on Erika lips, then notice yours do not have them. Also notice a slight curve at the end.

By the way, your eyes are amazing lifelike. Keep it up.


I think the ears are too visible, compared to the photo


I would say (hoping you don’t mind) check first the headform: yours is quite square, while the ref shows a more oval form. And then check the proportions: I think the eyes of your model are too high(? would need more photos to be shure), and far apart (as already mentioned). And last but not least check the most obvious peculiarities of your reference, which are making that face so special: in this case the beautifully shaped eyes (which your modeled greatly) but also the well rounded cheeks…


she is erika, love her so much
i really appreciate for your attention and thanks for you paint that for me

may i conclude your points?
1 both the eye need to be closer to the T shape
2 the nose in the upper part near the T shape is too sharp
3 the shadow at then end of the mouth is not enough and should more curve


i need to say thx to you, every comment i read it carefully

eyes of your model are too high
did you mean the eye is too large?


yes but it is due to perspective distortion
you can look at the mirror and u will find out u can see part of your ears
thx for your suggestion


No, not too large. Your model has the eyes very much above the center of the head, which is very unusual. At least on the first photo the woman looks like having lower eyes. I think you should check that with different photos.


i have added more reference on top.
The 191 image is the one i make the nose and mouth a little bit upward instead of make the eye lower to the is symmetry for convenience
i have checked that and i think the position of the eye is correct.But i appreciate if you can point it out in the picture so that i can check it thanks for your reply


I hope this is more helpful:
[image removed]


:thumbsup:thx for your reply
but would you mind have some verbal explanation
the red line arrow mean the head form should go according to the direction?
i don’t know what should i do about the black line?

and the mouth since i would like to make a smile like something in the reference 02

by the way, the reference usually can see the top of the head(the hair ) but the one i make is render is front view which can not see the top of the head. so there is some angle deviation at the headform
this make me quite headache


Excuse me for not explaining.
The black line is the center of the head (at a rough guess) - the eyes of your model is definitely above that center line, while the eyes of the reference is (in my opinion) in the vertical center (or even below).
The red line and escpecially the red arrows show the corrections I would suggest, regarding your reference photos.

PS: This are just suggestions you could play around with, when trying to find the right shape. I recommend to post the same view of your model, as the photo was taken. (making it easier also for you to see the differences)


thx i get your point
don’t know how to express my gratitude that u spend time for my work. i really would like to make this better for my job interview

but the proportion of the eyes, nose and the mouth should be correct
so if i need to make the eye near to the center line, i only make the top of the head go upward without changing the facial features.
This make the center line move without affect the eye?
i really don’t want to make unnessary try at the eye


hehe. I’m quite shure about the eye position. If you “make the top of the head go upward” you will get a slimmer head, which looks already somewhat too narrow at the moment.
Looking forward seeing your updates!


but if i move the eye lower the nose and eye distance will be shorter


absolutely! yuo’ll need to adjust nose and lips again. The nose might be anyway somewhat too large; resizing it will give you the correct proportions back. Good luck, man!