"Recliner" by Phan Wiantrakoon - VFS animated short


Hello folks,
Here’s an animated short that was created during my time at the Vancouver Film School. It is roughly 7 months of work all together. The craziest most stressful time of my life but it was all worth it. The soundtrack is temporary and is a a song by Dave Brubeck called “Kathy’s Waltz”. Comments and critiques are most welcome. I am also looking for freelance character animation work. Thanks in advance all, Enjoy!

  You can "right click and save as..." from the links below:


Great animation Phan and cute little story!:thumbsup:
I also think the music fits really well with the mood of your piece.
Congrats and good luck!


I love this pice, and ur animation style. You worked so hard on this pice and i think it tourned out great. Congratulations man i know you will make it far, very very proud of you. All those long night payed off and it shows it. In my opinion the best animation of our class. Good luck man and congrats!


Just a minor comment on the lighting: I like how you succeeded in bringing out the brighter values in the piece (the sunlight was well done). I just think you needed a lot more darker values in the piece.


Phan, good job! I’m glad to see your reel in cgtalk. Remind me of Vancouver so much… Especially the recliner. I wonder how is your recliner now? It’s worth carrying it all the way from Granville to Hornby, isn’t it?

I really like your story. The animation is great! Especially when Charlie is trying out the recliner. The mood of the rendering is so soft and beautiful…

Honestly, your animation is the best in our class. I’m so proud of you!! Keep it up and I’m sure you will be able to get what you want very soon. All the best to you Phan!


Very cool well done, Phan was it? The part when he is trying out the chair to see how comfy it is really is of Pixar calibar in my humble opinion. 5 Stars from me.


Lupin500- Thanks Giorgio, your rigging skill drops my jaw. good luck my friend.

chiquiflita- Thanks mexico, I really do miss our cigarette breaks late at night, i haven’t been getting my much needed 2nd hand smoke over here. i’ll talk to you tomorrow.

tweakin verts- I really wish I could have set aside more time for lighting. I totally agree with you, thanks for the crit

PangSiawYee- and you thought i was crazy for buying a chair just for a project. I hope it’s still in the ant farm and everyone is treating it with respect it deserves. thanks for keeping me sane for 7 months

christopr- I go by Outrageous P now, Thanks for the compliment Chris.


Definitely my most favourite anim shorts from VFS.
Nice style and especially the expressions on both characters’ faces. (esp. the mover-guy)
Keep on good work, man!


this is pretty nice animation.
awesome work.
:thumbsup: X 200


Hello Phan, very exciting to see your reel here.
I thought you weren’t gonna post it here since it took a while but I guess you were too busy animating at work.

Like I said before it’s very nice. I really like the idea and it’s very easy to understand what is going on. Very well designed.

I don’t need to say “good luck with ur job hunt” 'casue u already got one but I would like to say Good luck with ur career. I know you will get where you want to be in a short amount of time as you are one talented human.

Take care of urself buddy. See you around :wink:


thank you my asian connection brothers!

pommegenozide- Thanks buddy, hope all is well in Van! take care
BrandonDude- hey man, thanks for the compliment, your bird flu short is pretty damn sweet also, hope you enjoyed your time abroad.
p0cupine- Mr. Kim, stop going out and drinking with shinuto til 7 in the morning, you’re gonna kill the poor guy. also stop spreading your maya propaganda in the 3d57 forum, it’s poison and you know it. ha ha, thanks, take care KG


smoooth dood…

whats he doing, smelling the chair?


hahaha good work man, nice funny story really liked it. good luck for the future.


Loved the concept! Your timing was very well done, and I especially liked the secondary action of the chair. Keep up the awesome work, I look forward to seeing more!


love it, great stuff!
like was said before, the secondary motion on the chair and the way he tries the different positions were really great to me. also love the lighting.

Want to see more of you keep it coming!


Great stuff!!! Love the acting and timing of your short. Entertaining as well :slight_smile:


Nice stuff my friend…I like the music as a backdrop to the piece as a whole as I think it sets the tone for the audience to feel lighthearted despite the fact that he is obviously worn down by life – However, I feel that something with a little more contrast in harmony and/or rhythm would enhance the specific stages of your piece even further…i.e. such as his moment of sheer pleasure or the final moments of sheer surprise.

Overall, I like the look of the piece and always get a little chuckle at the end. I think that the tweaking you did with the lifting of the chair and the interactions with the chair really brought the piece to a great and entertaining place. My only reservation is that I think some of the poses when he’s doing the lifting could be pushed even further and some of the timing tightened up just a bit to make the audience feel the weight and desire of this guy even more. Either way, this is solid piece and its behind you. I can’t wait to see some more, new cool stuff from you. I know you will do well…Congrats.


Nice job Phan! I’m not sure if you remember my postings, but I replied to some of your inquiries about Gnomon and reaffirmed your choice to go to VFS. Looks like it paid off for you! I think this is great stuff. And I just finished a year of Animation Mentor and have seen alot of student work. So, congrats and good luck! p.s. It looks like you found work in Dallas?


hahaha ! It’s funny and very nice story !! I like it

 Very COOL !


cute animation i like it