Recent Graduate looking for work - need critique on my portfolio!


Aspiring 3D Artist looking for feedback on my portfolio, any critique however harsh is most welcome I just want to improve so I can find work and get even better!


Hey stanley hard to tell what you want to do from the pics.

I would say show me the things you love to do as most of this looks like student work or assignments, which is not bad but make it hard for me to know what I would be hiring you for . If props and environment pieces are your goal then showing me a strong variation of weapons of one class for a game or a series of statues that fit a project.

keep going but come up with a plan for what you want to do and then make sure that reads in your images


Some lovely work, I especially like your “fox room” piece, the contrast with lighting is beautiful!
Advice I’ve received from an artist in the industry is to show off the making process a little bit too, so maybe a section showing some of your UV layouts to prove you can UV well, as well as a render with your wireframe showing, as this reinforces demonstrating your modelling ability.
There’s some really nice stand out pieces here too! I’d say keep to that standard, whenever I see interviews with artists about portfolios they say quality over quantity.