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Hey Guys,

I’m a 3D/2D artist on the job hunt and I’d appreciate any feedback on my site. I’m marketing myself as a general artist, but I’m wondering if i need to make myself more specific.

Thanks for your time!

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Hi Amber,

I would add your email to your title card.

What school did you go to? It looks like you are interested the most in lighting from your image gallery but your demo reel is a collection of a small amount of everything including effects and animation. the good news is it looks like your not afraid of taking on software to technique the bad news it makes it hard for me to hire you in any specific area because I need to see stronger skills in one specific area even if you are a generalist. For example a Generalist with a specialty in lighting. show me 70% of your reel dealing with strong lighting skills then finish off with some textures renders etc. You may want to consider previs. Anyone that has animation and anything else in their reel can be useful to a previs company but traditionally for games or films animators i hire animate and very little else. Let me know your thoughts and experiance and maybe some other users can give this a look for feedback as well. Looking forward to any updates



Thank you for your Feedback Travis!

I went to DePaul University in Chicago. I actually started studying 3D last winter so I know I have a lot of catching up to do. I guess I was busy trying to learn so much that I forgot to choose a specific direction to aim for and got a bit lost. I do enjoy lighting 3D scenes and look development. I’ve never actually thought about previz, before but I could see myself pursuing it. Thank you so much for your insight, I’ll continue to work on improving my portfolio.


Sounds good. big schools like that will tend to push you into learning as many different pipeline postions as possible to be fair they do this to give you the best chance at getting placed. try to pick one and focus on it if you are wanting to get in a bigger company youll be a much stronger artist when you spend more time on one area /modeling /lighting/animation etc

good luck and keep us updated