Recent CG graduate. Need of critic and tips!


Hello everybody!

My name is Irene Arnaiz Lopez. I’m a cg artist from Spain who recently graduated in video game design and animation. I would love to work as a Cg artist (3D modeller 3D animator, Rigger, Concept artist or illustrator, still can´t decide). I would really appreciate if anyone could take a look at my portfolio and tell me any tips and tricks to make it look better. If I´m going on the right track or if I need to change anything. Also I would really appreciate if anyone could give me any advice about writing formal emails when applying to jobs with little experience. I’m working a lot to get a lot of good work on my portfolio but still it seem the little experience is a drawback and I dont quite know how to get people to notice me because of this and because English is not my foreign language, so I struggle a bit trying to find formal ways to express my self.

Any advice would be appreciated.

My portfolio link =


Really Awesome work!
I just don’t like this one:
Everything else looks great