Recenly finished ZBrush head


I did this with the Zbrush demo, couldn’t save it so I took some shots. This type of stuff can be esilly made in ZBrush. Cool software and after an hour it has a great UI too.

still image:

and the turnaround wich doesn’t turns 'round really:



I think its a great head. BUT. Zbrush doesnt create topology-wise models (expect you are using zspheres with unified skin, but its not a 100% fault free method). I suggest you to model your basic head in any 3D programs, and then import as tool to zbrush, to detail it (alas this feature is NOT included in the demo). Thats the coolest program I see for a long time!

Ja, es hajra magyarok!!!



Sorry for the red Xes! Server will be up on 4th of january. Expect new stuff then…

Szia J3st3r! :slight_smile:
I’m thinkin’ about building the topology-wise model later, then apply the ZBrush model as a normal/displacement map would be a good way too. This way I can sculpt more intuitively and make artistically better models. Zbr is cool for experimenting.
How does detailing work in the full release? (I assume it’s a new feature not a method) Is it in the new beta, or in 1.55?

Merry X-mas for everyone!


Sorry Fabi, another ugly creature from me. :blush: (5,9 mb)

I’d like to hear any comments, advices from you cg-talkers!
Does these fit more in the finished work/gallery section, you have to put one pic in every thread there?


Hey that looks great!


kösz haver!:beer:


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